M. Ed. in Combined and Initial and Professional Teaching Certification

M. Ed. in General Studies in Education
Combined Initial/Professional Certificate Option
– 40 sem. hrs.

The 28 sem. hr. Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program listed below is valid for recommendation for the New York State initial teaching certificate in adolescence education in 7-12 academic subjects and/or special subjects:  K-12 Art.  It can be taken as a stand-alone program, leading to recommendation for initial teaching certification in New York State.  The Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program can also be combined with the remainder of the required coursework for this option of the M. Ed. in General Studies in Education, leading to recommendation for the New York State professional teaching certificate in the same certificate area.  Together, these two programs require 40 sem. hrs. of graduate study.  (Additional requirements for testing and mentored teaching experience must also be met for initial and/or professional teaching certification in New York State.)  For recommendation for certification with conditions in Ontario, the entire M. Ed. program is required.

Course Requirements

Part 1.  Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program 
Stand-alone program leading to Initial Certification in Adolescence Education in 7-12 English, Foreign Language, Math, Science, and Social Studies; or in Special Subjects:  K-12 Art -- 28 sem. hours required for initial certification.

Prerequisites for the Professional Semester (15 sem. hrs.)
EDUC 507 Philosophy of Education
EDPS 538 Learning Disabilities
EDUC 540 Literacy and Language Development across the Curriculum
EDPS 550 Human Development & Lifespan Counseling
EDUC 573 Teaching and Learning in Public Schools

(Note:  St. Lawrence University alumni who completed EDUC 203, 301/450, 305 and 455 prior to Fall 2016 or EDUC 250, 350, and 450 as undergraduates must substitute approved electives for EDUC 540 and EDUC 573.)

Professional Semester (13 sem. hrs., total)
EDUC 585 Seminar:  Dynamics of School Teaching
EDUC 586 Supervised Student Teaching
EDUC 588 Individual Differences in Inclusive Classrooms
EDUC 589 Classroom Management and Organization (1 sem. hr.)
EDUC 590 Methods, Materials, and Literacy in Art
EDUC 591 Methods, Materials, and Literacy in English
EDUC 592 Methods, Materials, and Literacy in Foreign Language
EDUC 593 Methods, Materials, and Literacy in Mathematics
EDUC 594 Methods, Materials, and Literacy in Science
EDUC 596 Methods, Materials, and Literacy in Social Studies

Part 2.  Additional Requirements for M. Ed. in General Studies
(leading to Professional Teaching Certification – 40 sem. hours required, total)

Required Courses in Education (6 sem. hours)
EDUC 519 Educational Statistics and Research
EDUC 548 Educational Tests, Measurements, and Evaluation

Elective Courses in Education and Subject Matter (6 sem. hours)
(Select 2 courses)
EDUC 504 Applications of Educational Technology
EDUC 530 Constructivist Practices for Learner Centered Classrooms
EDPS 551 Relationships between Schools and Families
EDUC 566 SpTp:  Pedagogical Content Studies
DEPT 566 SpTp: Subject Matter Studies (in academic departments) OR
EDUC 595 Internship in Teaching (up to 6 sem. hrs.) OR
EDUC 599 Curriculum Development
Other electives in EDUC, EDPS, or EDAD as approved by advisor

The Professional Semester (student teaching)
The five courses of the Professional Semester comprise a full load and require full-time commitment and work for the 15-week semester.  All students intending to enroll in the Professional Semester must apply for it separately (in addition to applying for the graduate program).  Applications to the Professional Semester must be approved by the faculty Academic Advising Committee.  Students seeking certification in English, math, the sciences and/or social studies must enroll for a fall semester; applications are due by the previous February 15.  Students seeking certification in foreign language or art must enroll in a spring semester; applications are due by the previous September 15.  All student teaching placements will be in or near St. Lawrence County; they will be arranged by the Program Coordinator and the school principals only.

 The faculty Academic Advising Committee will review applications for the Professional Semester.  Students will be notified of admission in the semester prior to the Professional Semester.

Admission Requirements

  1. Satisfactory academic standing at the University, verified by transcript attached to the application.
  2. Satisfactory social standing at the University, verified by communication from the dean of student life and co-curricular education.
  3. Competence in the liberal arts, verified by coursework on transcript(s) aligned with the New York State requirements for initial teaching certification.
  4. Subject matter competence in the area of the teaching certificate, verified by coursework on transcript(s) aligned with New York State requirements for initial teaching certification, a minimum 2.8 GPA in the subject matter competence area (typically the undergraduate major), and/or a passing score on the appropriate Content Specialty Test (CST) of the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations.
  5. Satisfactory completion of pre-requisite courses in education at the 3.0 level or higher.
  6. Recommendation by the education department graduate faculty in pre-requisite courses.
  7. A portfolio evidencing successful completion of field experience requirements in the pre-requisite courses.

To apply or request further information regarding this program, contact Dr. Esther Oey, Coordinator, Teacher Education Program & General Studies Program.


Recognized Occupation(s): Many graduates of the Teacher Certification Program choose paths leading to New York State certification as a school teacher.  Other graduates are employed in higher education and social service positions. (25-2031.00)

On-time Graduate Rates: Not applicable

Tuition and Fees: While subject to change, tuition and fees information can be found here.

Median Loan Debt: Not applicable

Placement Rate: Not applicable