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K-12 Art Education

What do I complete at SUNY Potsdam for K-12 teacher certification? (Years 1-3)

Art Education Program Course Requirements:
You will complete these courses during your first three years at SUNY Potsdam. The SUNY Art Education Coordinator will advise and assist you in this process as well as inform you of the next steps for enrolling at St. Lawrence University for your senior year.


ARTS 120 Color and Design 4 Cr.
ARTS 130 3-D Design 4 Cr.
ARTS 110 Drawing 1 4 Cr.
ARTS 311 Drawing 2 4 Cr.
ARTH 101 Art History Survey 1 3 Cr. I
ARTH 101 Art History Survey 2 3 Cr. I
ARTH Upper Level Art History Elective

(Choose at least one from each group)
ARTS 329 Painting 1 or ARTS 339 Printmaking 1
ARTS 379 Photography 1 or ARTS 369 Time Based Media
ARTS 349 Sculpture 1 or ARTS 359 Ceramics 1
ARTS 319 Graphic Design and Media Arts 1 or ARTS 321 Graphic Design and Media Arts 2
ONE Additional Level 1 Studio Elective
ONE Upper Level Studio Elective

EDLS 201 Principles of Education
EDLS 307 Literacy for the Arts Disciplines
EDLS 315 Teacher Student with Special Needs
GRED 595 Assessment of Student Learning
INTD 491 Arts Education lnternship or other Arts Education experience
(20 contact minimum / participatory hours in Arts Education setting)

What do I complete at St. Lawrence University and when? (Year 4)

EDUC 3020 (fall semester) - Teaching art to children and adolescents: An introduction

EDUC 450 (fall semester) - Principles of Teaching Adolescents: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. This course includes a 20-hour field experience in which you will teach 1-3 lessons in art.

Professional Semester (spring semester) - You will enroll in the following courses:

EDUC 405 - Dynamics of Teaching
EDUC 406 - Supervised Student Teaching
EDUC 436 - Individual Differences in Inclusive Classrooms
EDUC 437 - Classroom Management and Organization
EDUC 410 - Methods, Materials and Literacy Development in Content Area (Art)