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Certification Minor

The teacher certification minor is only available to students who matriculated before fall semester 2019. Students who are eligible to pursue this minor must complete all requirements and the professional semester by the end of the spring semester 2022. For more information on teacher certification options approved by the New York State Board of Regents, requirements for the certification minor, and the requirements for the professional semester (including student teaching) please contact the Esther Oey, Coordinator of the Teacher Education Program

Required courses

EDUC 250 Teaching and Literacy in Differentiated Classrooms: Meeting the Needs of All Learners
EDUC 350 Teaching and the Context(s) of Learning: Teacher as Researcher
EDUC 450 Principles of Teaching Adolescents: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Two (2) additional education courses for a total of five (5) pre-requisite courses.  The following courses are recommended for students seeking certification.
     EDUC 305 Educational Psychology
     EDUC 375 Multicultural Education     
     LANG 3003 Conversational Partners (0.5 credits)     
     EDUC 408 Critical Aspects of Teaching English as a Second Language


The Professional Semester (Student Teaching)
     EDUC 405 Seminar: The Dynamics of School Teaching
     EDUC 406 SYE: Supervised Student Teaching
     EDUC 410 (Art), 411 (English), 412 (Foreign Language), 413 (Mathematics), 414 (Science) OR 
     415 (Social Studies) Methods, Materials and Literacy Development in the Content Area
     EDUC 436 Individual Differences in Inclusive Classrooms
     EDUC 437 Classroom Organization and Management (0.5 credit)

The professional semester (student teaching) requires a full load of 4.5 courses in education, to be taken during the spring semester of the senior year. 

Admission to the Professional Semester (Student Teaching)

Students intending to student‐teach during the spring semester should submit an application to the education department by September 15th.  Students must also attend the 1-hour LiveText Application Portfolio workshop (see Ed Dept office for locations and dates) and “share” the completed portfolio via LiveText with the Teacher Education Coordinator by November 15th. The faculty Academic Advising Committee will review applications. Students will be notified of admission prior to the Spring registration.

Admission Criteria
1.  Senior standing (or higher) at the University, verified by transcript attached to the application.
2.  Satisfactory social standing at the University, verified by communication from the dean of student life and co‐curricular education.
3.  Satisfactory academic writing, verified by evidence that the student has cleared any prior U/W on the transcript.
4.  Satisfactory academic achievement at the University, verified by one of the following:
     • a 2.5 cumulative GPA and a 2.8 GPA in one’s major OR
     • a 3.0 average the semester before student teaching and a 2.8 GPA in one’s major OR
     • approval by the Academic Advising Committee.
5.  Satisfactory completion at the 2.5 level or higher of the three required prerequisite courses in education (EDUC 250, 350, 450) and two elective courses in education, or their equivalents.
6.  Recommendation by the department of the academic major, verified by communication from the department chair or designee. (Students seeking certification in 7‐12 French or Spanish must complete at least one semester abroad.)
7.  Recommendation by the department of education faculty members under whom the student has studied, verified by internal communication with the program coordinator.
8.  A portfolio evidencing successful completion of field experience requirements in the prerequisite education courses.  Due on November 15th for spring semester applicants.

Students may register for the professional semester once they are admitted to student teaching by the Academic Advising Committee. Student teaching placements in the schools are arranged only by the University’s coordinator of teacher education and the school administrators. Because weekly seminars during the professional semester are required, student teaching placements are made within St. Lawrence County.

To apply: https://www.stlawu.edu/education/resource/professional-semester-application. NOTE: There are additional requirements for a New York State teaching credential.  These are not requirements for admission into the Professional Semester. 

To request further information regarding this program, contact Dr. Esther Oey, eoey@stlawu.edu, Teacher Education Program Coordinator.