M.Ed. in General Studies, Non-Certification Option

M. Ed. in General Studies in Education
Non-Certification Option – 36 sem. hrs. 

This program of study is open to all students interested in advancing their knowledge in the field of education at any level. It does not qualify for recommendation for any teaching certificate in New York State.

Course Requirements

Area 1 Foundations of Education (6 sem. hours)
EDUC 507 Philosophy of Education (required)
(Select 1 course)
EDUC 515 Conflict Resolution OR
EDUC 516 Issues and Ethics in the Human Service Professions OR
EDUC 524 Multicultural Counseling and Education

Area 2 Educational Research (6 sem. hours)
EDUC 519 Educational Statistics and Research
EDUC 500 Research Project in Education OR
EDUC 600 Thesis (up to 6 sem. hrs.)

Area 3 Learning and Behavior (6 sem. hours)
EDPS 538 Learning Disabilities
EDPS 541 Counseling Children and Adolescents
EDPS 550 Human Development and Lifespan Counseling 
EDPS 551 Relationships between Schools and Families
EDUC 581 Principles and Practices of Guidance

Area 4 Curriculum and Instruction (9 sem. hours)
EDUC 504 Applications of Educational Technology
EDUC 530 Constructivist Practices in Education
EDUC 540 Literacy and Language Development across the Curriculum
EDUC 548 Educational Tests, Measurement, and Evaluation
EDUC 573 Teaching and Learning in Public Schools
EDUC 599 Curriculum Development OR
Other approved electives in the Curriculum and Instruction area

Area 5 Electives (9 sem. hours)
Under approval of the advisor, these electives can be appropriate courses in EDUC, EDPS, EDAD, or DEPT. They can also be approved graduate courses transferred from other accredited institutions.

To apply or request further information regarding this program, contact Dr. Esther Oey, Coordinator, Undergraduate Teacher Education Program.