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Master of Arts in Leadership

*Currently registered with NYSED as "General Education Studies in Leadership" (Non-certification)

Next application deadline: August 1, 2021 (for Fall 2021 matriculation)

Note: In accordance with mandates of the New York State Board of Regents, St. Lawrence University is applying for re-registration of its graduate program, M.Ed. in General Education Studies in Leadership, to be re-categorized as a Master of Arts degree in Leadership. The program description published here and in the 2019-2020 Graduate Catalog will be reviewed by the New York State Education Department (NYSED), pending approval by the St. Lawrence University Faculty, with anticipated approval by 2020. New students should attend Orientation in August and schedule advising appointments with the Program Coordinator before each academic semester for details about program requirements, as there may be changes as a result of the approval process. During the NYSED review process, beginning Fall 2019, this program plan for the Master of Arts in Leadership curriculum will be piloted. Students accepted to the original Master of Education in General Education Studies in Leadership in 2018 or 2019 are assured reciprocity and course requirement compatibility with the new program plan. 

Program Requirements

*Letter designators next to course titles indicate to students that a course offering meets this requirement. This can be seen in the Course Catalog. Professors may apply to the Program Coordinator to meet the standards of a particular designation for their course. One course in each of the required areas is offered each fall and spring, with summer course titles and designators determined by student need.

One (1) essential project course, either: Great Books Course (*GB) -OR- Capstone Writing Project Course (CS)

Two (2) courses minimum in Historical Foundations & Theory (TH)

Two (2) courses minimum in Critical Analysis of Research (RS)

All other courses to meet 33 total credits may be electives (undesignated).

Samples of Seminar Courses Offered
(on a rotating basis only, five courses are usually offered each spring and fall semester)

Learning through the Body (TH)
Discussion as a Way of Leading (TH)
Feminist Learning Theories (TH)
Ethics of Leading (TH)
Current Research in Educational Leadership (RS)
Qualitative Research Methods (RS)
Discourse Analysis (RS)
Statistics in Higher Education (RS)
Internship in Athletics Administration
Coaching Certification (proposed)
Gendered Issues in Leadership
Sports Law
Leadership in Mental Health
Multicultural Counseling
Legal Concepts in Higher Education
Crisis Management
Mitigating and Accepting Risk
Education Politics
History of American Higher Education (TH)
International Athletics
NGOs and Nonprofits
Assessing Organizational Change (RS)
Economics of Labor and Education
Leadership Models (TH)
The Psychology of Followers
Teamwork in Competition
Leadership in Popular Culture & Media
Spiritual Values and Leadership
Political Commitments
Facility Design
Equality, Education, and Opportunity (TH)
Group Dynamics
Original Ideas, Imagination for Innovation (TH)
The Art of Presentation
The Soul of the University (GB)
Communication Matters
Philosophies of Human Potential (TH)
Contract Negotiations
Grant Proposals
Interracial Dialogue
Technological Tools for Leadership
Wilderness Leadership
Community Learning
Trends in Education
Program Sustainability
Environmentally-Friendly Leadership
And more titles created yearly!

For more information on this program, contact Prof. LeAnn Holland, Program Coordinator, at (315) 229-5864 or For information specifically related to Admissions or applications, please contact Erin Basford, at (315) 229-5061 or


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