Certificate of Advanced Study (C.A.S.) in Educational Leadership

C.A.S. in Educational Leadership
Combined Building Leader/District Leader Option – 33 Sem. Hours

[Note: This program is only open to candidates who have completed a prior master’s degree in education, but not in Educational Leadership. In order to be recommended for the School District Leader certificate, candidates must complete a total of at least 60 semester hours of graduate study in education, and they must report a passing score to the University on the New York State Competency Examination for School District Leaders.]

Course Requirements

PART I: School Building Leader Initial Certification Program
(This is a stand-alone program leading to certification as a School Building Leader – 24 sem. hrs. required for initial certification, including the internship. Upon satisfactory completion of these course requirements, students may be recommended for certification as a School Building Leader in New York State and reciprocating states, prior to completion of the remainder of the C.A.S. requirements.)

Leadership Theory (3 sem. hrs.)
(select one course)
EDAD 511 School Organization and Management
EDAD 554 Building Level Leadership

Specialization in Leadership (15 sem. hrs.)
EDAD 523 Public School Finance
EDAD 528 Leadership for Special Education
EDAD 532 Supervision of Instruction
EDAD 537 School Law
(Select one course)
EDAD 579 Seminar in Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
EDAD 599 Curriculum Development

Internship in School Leadership (6 sem. hrs.)
EDAD 591-1 Internship in School Building Leadership (6 sem. hrs.)
EDAD 591-2 Internship in School Building Leadership (3 sem. hrs./2 terms)

PART II: Additional Requirements for the C.A.S. in Educational Leadership
(Leads to professional certification as a School District Leader – minimum of 33 sem. hrs. required in Parts I and II total.)

Leadership Theory (3 additional sem. hrs.)
(select one course)

EDAD 550 Organization and Leadership of School Districts
EDAD 586 Issues in School District Leadership

Specialization in Leadership (6 additional sem. hrs.)

EDAD 542 The Negotiation Process
(Select one course)
EDAD 515 Conflict Resolution
EDAD 517 Leadership and School Climate
EDAD 5002 Constructivist Practices in Educational Leadership
EDAD 5004 Data-Driven Decision Making

To request further information regarding this program, contact Dr. Kyle Blanchfield, Program Coordinator, at (315) 229-5864 or kblanchfield@stlawu.edu.

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information

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