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Certificate of Advanced Study (C.A.S.) in Counseling

Certificate of Advanced Study (C.A.S.) in Counseling, School Counselor Concentration
(NY Permanent Certification – 12 cr. hrs.)

This post-master’s program focuses on advanced skill development in school counseling. The certificate requires 12 approved graduate hours beyond the 48 semester hour M. Ed. program in school counseling. Successful completion of this post-master’s program qualifies the student for recommendation for New York State Permanent Certification as School Counselor. Upon completion of 60 semester hours toward permanent certification in School Counseling, students will be awarded the C.A.S. in Counseling from St. Lawrence University.

Required Courses
EDPS 593 Internship in School Counseling - 6 cr. hrs.

plus 2 electives by advisement
Elective in EDPS/EDAD/EDUC - 3 cr. hrs.
Elective in EDPS/EDAD/EDUC - 3 cr. hrs.

Entrance Procedures
1. The individual must hold a New York State Provisional Certificate in school counseling.
2. Graduates of the counseling and development program at St. Lawrence University with a New York State Provisional Certificate in school counseling must complete an application form for the C.A.S. program in counseling and meet with the coordinator to determine appropriate courses and experiences.
3. Applicants who hold a New York State Provisional Certificate in school counseling earned at an institution other than St. Lawrence University must complete an application form and meet with the coordinator to determine appropriate courses, experiences and any additional documentation that may be required.

Internship Procedures
The purpose of the internship is to provide counselors with an opportunity to develop advanced knowledge and skills in field-based settings. Each internship is designed on an individual basis as part of a full-time learning experience. As an advanced component of the permanent certification program, the practicing counselor works directly with the coordinator of the program to develop, implement and evaluate the process. Goals and objectives of the internship are cooperatively determined by the counselor and the coordinator. The counselor submits written plans and provides product documentation to the coordinator for evaluation purposes. This may include a log of counseling activities and materials pertinent to the intern’s professional development.  The internship is planned for a period of two semesters in an elementary or secondary public school. During the internship, the student is expected to attend scheduled meetings with the coordinator, supervisor and other interns. In addition, special meetings may be called by the intern, a supervisor or the coordinator whenever such a meeting is desired. Internship arrangements are made by the coordinator, the chief school administrator, the designated counselor under whose immediate supervision the intern will work, and the intern. Details relative to workload, working conditions, professional contracts and financial arrangements are considered.

Recommendation for Permanent Certification
The candidate will be recommended for a New York State Permanent Certificate in school counseling when all of the following requirements have been met:
1. Completion of a minimum of 12 credit hours of course work beyond the requirements for provisional certification. This coursework will include the internship and specific courses agreed upon by the student and the coordinator.
2. Completion of a master’s degree in counseling and development or a related field.
3. Completion of two years of employment as a school counselor prior to, during, or after meeting the other two requirements.

Awarding of the Certificate of Advanced Study (C.A.S.) in School Counseling
Candidates recommended for the C.A.S. in Counseling must meet the following requirements:
1. Completion of a 48 credit hour master’s degree in counseling within six years at St. Lawrence. Courses beyond the 48 hours and within the six years that are not counted toward the master’s degree can be credited toward the 12 hours needed for the C.A.S..
2. The master’s degree in counseling may be from an accredited institution other than St. Lawrence. In this case, the student must complete a combined total of 60 credit hours.
3. The student may receive the C.A.S. in School Counseling using any combination of courses acceptable to the New York State Education Department for permanent certification in school counseling.

To apply or request further information regarding this program, contact Dr. Susan Dodd, Coordinator, CAS Program in Counseling.

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information 

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