From St. Lawrence Magazine, Spring 2003

 One of my most favorite professors was Lauren Clute, who headed the economics department at the time. I took accounting from him and loved it. He was a great teacher. But he was also a great counselor. He was the one to suggest I take the Business Boards and get an MBA. When I wanted to change my major to economics, he convinced me not to and just allowed me to take upper-level courses in the department without taking the lower-level prerequisites. Last year, I funded an award on Moving-Up Day in his honor.
Trustee Janet Langlois ’70

As an economics major at St. Lawrence University, I developed a special relationship with Lauren Clute. Through Larry’s mentorship I learned life long lessons such as the importance of having diversified hobbies and interests, being inquisitive, enjoying my work and developing a good work ethic. Larry took keen interest in my academic development and taught me how to grow sumptuous and large tomatoes. He was known in the Canton community for being an excellent gardener. I miss him dearly and thank him for suggesting a career in corporate banking.
Alumni Council President Joe Richardson ’63