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SLU, Clarkson Faculty Named Editors of Economics Journal

A team of professors from Clarkson University and St. Lawrence University has been selected by the Eastern Economic Association to serve as editors for the Eastern Economic Journal.

Allan Zebedee and Diego Nocetti, associate professors of economics & financial studies in Clarkson University’s School of Business, and Cynthia Bansak, professor of economics, and Brian Chezum, Johnson associate professor of economics, at St. Lawrence University will form the new editorial team.

Bansak and Zebedee will serve as co-editors, while Nocetti and Chezum were appointed as associate editors.

The Eastern Economic Journal, a quarterly publication of the Eastern Economic Association, is a highly regarded academic journal publishing original research in economics.

“We are excited to serve as the editors of the journal and have formed a strong and diverse team that is capable of evaluating research from across all areas of economic thinking,” said Zebedee. “The collaboration between St. Lawrence and Clarkson is unique and beneficial in that we will be able to tap into a broad and diverse group of scholars who will help us attain high-quality submissions, referees and symposia ideas.”

The inaugural issue for the new editorial team was published in early September and includes original economic research focusing on monetary economics, gender and sports economics as well as a section on pedagogical research.

“It is very exciting to be able to play a role in the direction of research,” said Bansak, a labor economist with several years of experience at the Fed. “Entering an election year, we hope to be able to add to the public’s perception of the role of economics in the public policy debates.”

Chezum is an applied micro economist working primarily in applied industrial organization. Nocetti is an economic theorist with expertise in macroeconomics and behavioral economics. Zebedee is a financial econometrician and as a former Fulbright Scholar has extensive experience in public policy working as a research economist at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Bansak, who teaches and writes on macroeconomic issues in addition to economic pedagogy, recently co-authored the textbook Economics of Immigration.

 “We are planning a wide-ranging series of symposia that focus on topics such as immigration, innovation and entrepreneurship, risk and uncertainty, and thoroughbred economics,” said Nocetti.

Chezum stressed the possibilities for wide ranging submissions given the diversity of the editorship. “As a team, the four of us cover most of the major areas of the discipline, enabling us to continue the EEJ’s tradition of eclecticism and breadth,” he said.

Val Lehr, St. Lawrence University’s vice president and dean of Academic Affairs, supports the editorship and its potential for fostering connections with other liberal arts college, particularly those in the New York 6, a consortium of liberal arts colleges which also includes Colgate University, Hamilton College, Hobart and Williams Smith Colleges, and Union College.

Dayle Smith, dean of Clarkson University’s School of Business, said the responsibilities of the editorial team are significant, and she is confident the team will do an excellent job in promoting important, impactful and timely economic research.

View the journal here.