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Experiment Lab

St. Lawrence University Laboratory for Experimental Economics

The Laboratory for Experimental Economics provides St. Lawrence University faculty and students with a facility for studying how people make choices. This article by 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize recipient Vernon Smith describes some of the reasons economists conduct experiments. We also encourage faculty in other departments to use this facility for their research - contact Meryl Motika for details.

By participating as research subjects, students have opportunities to see cutting-edge research in economics, learn about their own choices, and earn cash. If you are over 18 and interested in participating you can sign up here.

The laboratory also supports classroom experiments. This type of experiment gives students hands-on experience with principles of economics, making key concepts like competitive markets and public goods clear and meaningful. 

Our research is overseen by the St. Lawrence University Institutional Review Board. You can learn more about ethical human subjects research at SLU here.

If you would like more information about our lab or want to get involved please contact the lab director.

Location: Hepburn 16
Phone: (315) 229-4170
Email: experimentalecon@stlawu.edu


Meryl Motika, Ph.D., Director
Nicholas Janusch, Ph.D., Research Coordinator
Emma Fleming, Student Researcher
Morgan McNeal, Student Researcher
Joowon Ma, Research Assistant
Rita McCollum, Administrative Secretary

Econ 376: Experimental Economics

Experimental Economics is the study of how various kinds of experiments help economists improve their models. The course explores, and involves participation in, a wide variety of experiments that have contributed to our understanding of how markets clear, the effects of various public policies, and issues in human decision making in the field of behavioral economics. The emphasis is on learning research methods; each student will prepare and run at least one in-class experiment as well as writing an original proposal to study a topic of their choosing. This course provides excellent preparation for students interested in using the economics lab for summer research or senior projects. It is currently offered once a year in the fall semester.