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Economics and Graduate Study

Are you a first-generation college student, or in a historically under-represented group, who is considering graduate school as a possibility? Then you should definitely contact the McNair Scholars Program in Whitman Hall 171 (phone: 315-229-5606) ASAP.

Ph.D. ~ We recommend students considering pursuing graduate work in economics declare the mathematics-economics combined major. Otherwise students should contact their economics advisor as to the most appropriate mathematics courses to take as preparation for graduate work. For more information on graduate programs in economics, see econphd. You may also want to check out David Colander's article.

MBA ~ The requirements for our 4+1 MBA Programs can help provide guidance for taking undergraduate courses which not only prepare students, but may reduce the courses required for an MBA program. We generally recommend that student have work experience before entering an MBA program. (Top-tier programs require such experience.) When considering future MBA plans, please seek the advice of our Pre-Management and 4+1 MBA Programs Coordinator.

Law School ~ The analytical skills required makes the study of economics an excellent preparation for law school. Students should make full use of St. Lawrence's Pre-Law Program.