Care and Resilience Group | St. Lawrence University Diversity and Inclusion

Care and Resilience Group

St. Lawrence University's Chaplain’s office and Diversity and Inclusion office, with support from the counseling center and Dean of Student Life is launching a Care and Resilience Group for St. Lawrence University students who want some extra support to cope with being on campus and learning while facing COVID-related challenges. The group will provide a safe space to talk about challenges, form supportive networks where members can brainstorm solutions to the challenges they are facing, and improve resilience.

Thirty St. Lawrence University staff and faculty members who volunteered to support students this semester have been trained and certified as mental health first aiders. They will facilitate small groups on zoom or as deemed appropriate. Participants can choose the following:

  • Date and time availability
  • Preferred interest group (athletes, faith group, females, first years, international students, LGBTQIA, males, persons of color,)
  • Preferred languages (English, French, Spanish and Swahili). We are working on a group in Mandarin.

Care and Resilience Groups will be made up of six students and one staff member who will meet 4 times in the semester. Participants will be placed in groups with other students and a trusted staff member who have similar interests or needs. Please complete the form below if you would like to be placed in a care and resilience group.

Care and resilience group facilitators do not provide mental health counseling. If you have a therapy need and would like to join a group facilitated by licensed professionals, please contact the health and counseling center on 315-229-5392 or

While inspired by the NYS Office of Mental Health’s Coping Circle, St Lawrence University’s Care and Resilience Group (CRG) is an independent project with no affiliation to any state sponsored program.

The deadline to sign up for this program is Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 5.00PM. We will do our best to  identify a group that meets all your preferences.