Diversity Committee | St. Lawrence University Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Committee

Diversity Committee, Spring 2019

Kimberly Flint-Hamilton               Chair, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

Rance Davis                                 Associate Dean for Student Life

John Robert O’Connor                  Director of Student Activities

Ashlee Downing                           Associate Director of Student Activities

Elaine White                                  Executive Assistant to the Dean and VP of Student Life

Tsewang Lama                              Coordinator, International Student Services

Megan Keniston                            Director of Marketing

Sharon Rodriguez                          Residential Coordinator

Mary Jane Smith                            Associate Professor of History

Mark Denaci                                  Associate Professor of Art History

Kathleen Buckley                           University Chaplain

Karl Schonberg                              VP and Dean of Academic Affairs

Joseph Tolliver                               VP and Dean of Student Life

Bob Durocher                                Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Svetlana Kononenko                      Student (’21), D&I Intern

Andrea Sofi Ayala                          Student (’21), D&I Intern

Floor Fiers                                     Student (’19)

Tinga Adiang                                 Student (’20)

DC Subcommittees


Programming                                 Ashlee Downing and Sharon Rodriguez, co-chairs

Web Page                                        Tsewang Lama, chair

Focus Group                                   Kathleen Buckley, chair

Bias Incident Reporting                   John Robert O’Connor, chair