Additional Campus Resources

Here is a list of campus resources for students with special needs:
Disability and Accessibility Services: Sharmela Garcia-Martin, Director, 315-229-5533
  • Assist students in finding academic help or assistance
  • Assist students in developing an Individual Education Accommodation plan ( IEAP)
  • Assist students by referring them to other on campus services
Academic Support:  Tina Tao, Coordinator, 315-229-5134
  • Assist with reading skills
  • Assist with classroom skills and test taking strategies
  • Assist with times management skills
Academic Development:  Colleen Coakley, Coordinator, 315-229-5604
  • Assist with student academic recovery
Word Studio: Kurt Bouman, Director, 315-229-5727
  • Assist students in all stage of the writing process
  • Assist students in developing writing skills
  • Discuss oral presentations, research and multimedia projects
Quantitative Resource Center: Michael Schuckers, Director, 315-229-5035
  • Provides mathematical, statistical and computational support 
Health and Counseling Services: Timothy Corbitt, Director, 315-229-5392
  • Monitor medications
  • Document medical needs
  • Provide referrals for other service
  • Individual and group counseling
Residence Life: Chris Marquart, Director, 315-229-5250
  • Grant special living arrangements
Dining Services: Cindy Atkins, Director, 315-229-5982
  • Accommodate special dietary needs