What's New at the Dining Halls? | St. Lawrence University Dining and Conference Services

What's New at the Dining Halls?

Check out what's new at Dana Dining Center:

  • Noodle Bowls - 3 different broths and an array of fresh herbs and vegetables.
  • More grains, rice and legumes.
  • Less mayonnaise based salads.
  • Various Ethnic food nights.
  • New coffee in Dana - based on taste test.  French Roast as standard coffee and Jamaican Me Crazy as the flavored house coffee (as well as others throughout the year)
  • Don't forget some old favorites:
  • Omelet Station at Saturday Brunch
  • Waffle Station at Wednesday breakfast and Saturday/Sunday Brunch
  • Pasta Saute / Stir Fry / Chicken Parm Nite / Taco Bars

Check out what's local at the Northstar Cafe:

  • Pizza Station:  We now offer 10 inch pizza from family run Paesan's Pizza out of Albany, NY
  • We have partnered with Old World Provisions of Troy, NY to be able to offer true NY delicatessen deli meat.  This is also available at Time Out Cafe.
  • Father Sam's Wraps are produced in the Buffalo area of New York.  We will be offering 4 flavors:  white, 100% whole wheat, Pesto garlic herb (nut free), and Jalapeno cheddar.
  • Allergic to nuts?  Our pesto sauce is nut free.
  • Are you Vegetarian:  We have updated our flavor profile on our black bean burgers to a spicy chipotle black bean burger.  It's a veggie-style burger made from black beans, whole kernel corn, tomatoes, and mild green chili peppers.
  • Also, Time Out Cafe will feature soups from JC Soups in Malone, NY.