What's New with Dining | St. Lawrence University Dining and Conference Services

What's New with Dining

Dana Dining Hall:

  • For those with allergies, the menu is now easier to navigate with new allergen identifiers.
  • Be on the lookout for new entrée items each week, as well as new vegan/vegetarian options!
  • Now serving local grass fed ground beef from 8 O'Clock Ranch.
  • We will now offer more make-your-own stations and made-to-order breakfast options - including breakfast burritos and vegan scrambled eggs!
  • There will be a newly added spice rack, condiment dispensers and condiments that will rotate with pestos and salsas.
  • Both Dana and Northstar Cafe will have a new system for feedback, keep a lookout for Napkin Notes if you have comments, questions or ideas to share!
  • Now serving Halal Chicken once a week.

Northstar Cafe: 

  • The Northstar Cafe will offer new salad options and a cooler for fresh produce!
  • Students can now use meal exchange for select salads and gluten free meals. 
  • New options for more accessible gluten free, dairy free and grain free meals.