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David Bell - Life in Arcadia

“The Adirondack Semester is a breath of reality, an escape from technology and a chance to get at the fundamentals of living,” says Dave Bell ’13. “By living simply, I have become a more complex individual. Never have I felt so alive."

The semester takes place in Arcadia, St. Lawrence’s yurt village about an hour from campus, where Dave loved “the way the afternoon sunlight fell on white pines, the haunting call of a loon, and the crackle of a wood stove warming toes.” It’s also where he says he grew and developed as an individual.

“One of the most rewarding aspects was the mandatory internship,” he says. “I helped engineer and build a dynapod, an electricity-generating pedal-power machine. Being able to work and live alongside enthusiastic people who love what they do made me less worried about the environment and my future after college.”

Through his Adirondack Semester experience, Dave “became aware of an acute level of interconnectedness and intentionality that not only existed between the students and professors, but also between man and nature.”

“My yurtmates and fellow Adirondack Semester alums are some of my favorite people,” he says. “Arcadians have an unspoken connection. They hold a greater awareness of their surroundings and appreciation for the small wonders of life.”