Instructional Mini Grant Request Form | St. Lawrence University Center for Teaching and Learning

Instructional Mini Grant Request Form

Instructional Mini Grant Program

(All full-time faculty members are eligible to submit proposals for teaching grants.)

The Instructional Minigrant Program
seeks to support teaching by making funds available for innovative activities and pedagogies that fall outside of a department’s or program’s operating budget. Instructional Minigrants provide quick access to modest funds (maximum $500) for small-scale projects. Faculty are eligible to receive one mini-grant per fiscal year. Funds may be used to revise aspects, strategies, or procedures of current courses, develop new courses, add new activities/approaches to courses, or to assess curricular needs. Any questions about proposals can be directed to the Associate Dean's Office (xt. 5998).

RESTRICTIONS—an Instructional Minigrant can not be used to:
• Hire faculty members or pay faculty summer salaries
• Purchase, repair or replace major equipment or technology
• Pay honoraria in excess of $100 per guest speaker
• Fund conference registration fees or conference travel
• Cover food and entertainment expenses for workshops or conferences