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Abbie Enders '19

Abbie Enders '19
Class year: 
Centreville, MD

When I entered St. Lawrence I was vividly aware of my scientific and mathematic courses. I enrolled in science and math courses, and the humanities courses which interested me and found myself increasingly curious about chemistry. My sophomore year I began to pursue a degree in Chemistry, and found myself desiring to continue furthering my mathematic education. 

I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and have lived in Maryland most recently. My desire to continue moving was inspired by my parents. While I didn’t have the traditional experience of growing up with the same peers, I have become more interested in the diversity of new places- the people I can meet and the ideas I can learn from new perspectives. I didn’t envision myself traveling far to undergraduate college, but I have not regretted the choice I made. I find myself surrounded by a cohort of people who desire to be in this unique setting, and am excited for future opportunities, such as graduate school, where I can live and learn in a new town. 

As a McNair scholar, I have been afforded endless opportunities to travel to conferences, workshops, and on campus events to have guidance in the graduate school application process. McNair has given me the tools I need to approach my undergraduate career effectively.