Donald Asher Speaks on Graduate School Admissions

Donald Asher, noted expert on career development and graduate school admissions, presented at St. Lawrence University on September 9th on strategies to prepare for admission to graduate and professional schools.  Over 60 campus students attended the Saturday morning session. 

Among those in attendance was Julie Joyce ‘18 from Hopkinton, Massachusetts. She commented, “Don Asher's presentation was incredibly helpful. I took 7.5 pages of notes because he had so much good information that I had never heard before.” Julie is currently in the process of applying to Ph.D. programs in Neuroscience.

“The most important thing I learned from the presentation (that was meant as graduate school advice, but is applicable to life in general) was ‘don't self-select out.’ Never stop yourself from applying to a school, or doing anything in life, just because you don't think you can get in. Somebody has to get in, why can't it be you?”

Also in attendance was Dhimiter Cobani ‘20 from Rochester, New York. “Although I am just a sophomore, I learned about the timelines of graduate school applications and follow ups. I have a better idea of when to take the GREs, how to study for them, and how to write a strong personal essay. Don Asher’s presentation also taught me how to pitch to graduate schools about my potential as a prospective student/scientist.”

Dhimiter is a McNair Scholar majoring in Chemistry. He commented that he learned several ways that he can begin to prepare himself now to achieve a unique professional goal. “I have a fascination for studying various materials that promise solutions to global problems such as the energy crisis and the need to become multi-planetary species. The field that encapsulates my interests is material science.” Dhimiter discovered that it isn't too early to reach out to potential graduate school mentors.

Donald Asher is one of the nation's foremost authorities on the graduate admissions process. Hundreds of thousands of students have seen his lectures, tapes, and teleconferences. He is the author of twelve books, including Graduate Admissions Essays, the best-selling guide to the graduate admissions process, and The Best Scholarships for the Best Students.

This presentation was sponsored by St. Lawrence University’s Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program and the McNair Scholars Program. On the day before this session, Asher presented on the topic of the Hidden Job Market as part of Career Services' Senior Year programming. Asher also met with faculty on the topic of graduate school advising and writing graduate school recommendations.