McNair Scholars 2003-present

Summer 2018

Kenneth Adames-Ramos '20
Major: Neuroscience
Mentor: Dr. Nadia Marano
Project Title: Characterization of Amyloid Fibers Formed by Tetracycline Resistant Soil Bacteria

Emily Casey-Wagemaker '19
Major: Mathematics & Spanish
Mentors: Dr. Jessica Sierk and Dr. Daniel Look
Project Title: Racism, Classism, and Education Policy: A sociopolitical analysis of disciplinary policies in the Greater Capital District

Mark Featherston '20
Major: Philosophy & Biology
Mentor: Dr. Lorraine Olendzenski
Project Title: The Cultivation and Classification of Honey Cultures for Bacterial Species through PCR Analysis

Cheyenne McQuain '20
Major: Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Adam Fox
Project Title: Behavioral Adaptation in a Rat Model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Laura Ramirez-Tlapa '19
Major: Environmental Chemistry
Mentor. Dr. Samuel Byrne
Project Title: Mental Health and Natural Disasters in Mexico

Summer 2017

Dylan Babcock ‘19
Major: Chemistry & Math
Mentor: Tina Tao
Project Title: Athletic Supplementations and Their Effects in the Body

Thoin Begun ‘18
Major: Environmental Studies
Mentor: Dr. Aswini Pai
Project Title: Wild Bee Diversity & Species Richness in Ornamental Gardens in Canton, NY

Emily Casey-Wagemaker ‘19
Major: Math & Spanish
Mentor: Dr. Jessica Sierk
Project Title: The Miseducation of the Neglected: Examining the consequences of the achievement gap and the impact of policies and practices in urban schools

Tenzin Choeyang ‘19
Major: Economics & Statistics
Mentor: Dr. Sun Ki Choi
Project Title: India in a Decade: An examination of economic progress

Claire Dudley ‘19
Major: Biology
Mentor: Dr. Alex Schreiber
Project Title: The Influence of Broad spectrum MMP Inhibitors on Gut Morphology in Xenopus laevis

Abigail Enders ‘19
Major: Chemistry
Mentor: Dr. Samuel Tartakoff
Project Title: Determining the Mechanistic Pathway for the Wagner-Jauregg Reaction by Reaction Rates of Various Substrates

Estela Lucas ‘18
Major: Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Pamela Thatcher
Project Title: The Role of “Hope” When Treating Adolescent Depression in the South Bronx

Brandon Moran ’19
Major: Government
Mentor: Dr. Fred Exoo
Project Title: Where is Home? Understanding the difficulties faced by Hispanic Immigrants in America

Ivy Raines ‘19
Major: Government
Mentor: Dr. Ronnie Olesker
Project Title: A Survey of historical discourses that lead to trilateral peace relations between Israel, Egypt and Jordan proceeding the 1967 Arab-Israeli War

Heather Thompson ‘19
Major: Conservation Biology
Mentor: Dr. Aswini Pai
Project Title: Variation in Wild Bee Diversity between Small-Scale Kitchen Gardens and Large-Scale Monoculture Fields

Mo Tunkara ‘18
Major: Sociology
Mentor: Marsha Sawyer
Project Title: Let’s Not Delay: Free College in America

Shyanne White ‘19
Major: Statistics
Mentor: Dr. Ivan Ramler
Project Title: Exploring Facebook through ‘R’

Summer 2016

Halley Choy '17
Major: Environmental Studies & Psychology
Mentor: Peter Pettengill
Project Title: "The Impacts of Recreating to the Great Barrier Reef"

E.J. Curtis '17
Major: Chemistry
Mentor: Samantha Glazier
Project Title: "Anthracycline Interaction with DNA"

A. Encarnacion '17
Major: Psychology
Mentor: Jenny Su
Project Title: "Parental Racial-Ethnic Socialization: The Effects of Parental-Ethnic Socialization on Latino Immigrant Children and Adolescents"

Samuel Foote '18
Major: Neuroscience
Mentor: Alexander Schreiber
Project Title: "A Baseline Survey of Thymus Gland Morphology and Histology in Postmetamorphic Xenopus laevis Froglets"

James Holley-Grisham '17
Major: Mathematics 
Mentor: Ivan Ramler
Project Title: "Using Stylometry to Classify Movie Script Genres"

Tanveer Kalo '18
Major: Government
Mentor: Howard Eissenstat
Project Title: "Readings in Political Islam"

Essence Parker '17
Major: Economics
Mentor: Meryl Motika
Project Title: "Ban the Box: An Economic Experiment"

Summer 2015

Mr. Thomas Bedard '17
Major: Biology
Mentor: Dr. Joe Erlichman
Project Title: "Determining an Optimal Nanoceria Stabilization Method for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis"

Ms. Rebecca Briggs '17
Major: Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Adam Fox
Project Title: "Effects of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles on Timing in the Valproic Acid Rat Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder"

Ms. Sylvie Choiniere  '16
Major: Biology
Mentor: Dr. Karin Heckman
Project Title: "Effect of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles on Macrophage Fungicidal Activity"

Ms. Nyima DeJesus '16
Major: Government
Mentor: Marsha Sawyer
Project Title: "Is Albania Lagging?: A Comparative Analysis of Success in the Balkan Peninsula"

Ms. Michelle Duran '17
Major: Global Studies
Mentor: Dr. John Collins
Project Title: "Indigenous Women, Borders, and Law Enforcement"

Ms. Marina Hanna '17
Major: Neuroscience
Mentor: Dr. Alexander M. Schreiber
Project Title: "Effects of Thyroid Hormone and Dexamethasone on Thymus Development During Xenopus laevis Metamorphosis"

Ms. Dominique James '17
Major: Neuroscience
Mentor: Dr. Karin Heckman
Project Title: "Effects of different formulations of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in a Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis"

Ms. Skyler Ng '16
Major: Computer Science
Mentor: Dr. Ed Harcourt
Project Title: "Honeypot: Inviting Attackers"

Ms. Dakota Noyes '16
Major: Government
Mentor: Dr. Howard Eissenstat
Project Title: "Takfiri Doctrine, and Violence: Dabiq and ISIS’ Recruitment of Foreign Fighters"

Ms. Erika Rodbell '16
Major: Conservation Biology
Mentor: Dr. Aswini Pai
Project Title: "Pollinating Fly (Syrphidae): Diversity and Abundance in Kitchen Gardens in St. Lawrence County, NY"

Ms. Autumn Rolack '17
Major: Neuroscience
Mentor:Dr. Lorraine Olendzenski
Project Title: "Biofilm Formation by Tetracycline Resistant Soil Bacteria in the Presence and Absence of Tetracycline"

Ms. Depika Singha '16
Major: Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Adam Fox
Project Title: "Response Sequence Learning in Two Models of ADHD"

Ms. Sarah Yancey '16
Major: Neuroscience
Mentor: Dr. Cheryl P. Stuntz
Project Title: "Does Using Character Strengths Help Improve Diet Behaviors?"

Ms. Alimot Yusuff '16
Major: Art
Mentor: Dr. Chandreyi Basu
Project Title: "Ancient Ife’s Animal Sculptures and Motifs in a Socio-Political Context"

Summer 2014

Ms. Xiomalys Crespo '16
Major: Economics-Multi-Language
Mentor: Dr. Cynthia Bansak
Project Title: Apátridas: Immigration Policy and Racial Dynamics in Hispaniola

Ms. Nyima Dejesus '16
Major: Government
Mentor: Diane Exoo
Project Title: Modeling a Constitutional Sex Offender Registry

Ms. Meagan Gadzuk-Shea '15
Major: Chemistry
Mentors: Dr. Adam Hill, Dr. Catherine Jahncke
Project Title: Analysis of Charge Transfer States in Heterobimetallic Systems by Resonance Raman Spectroscopy

Ms. Alimamy Kabia '16
Major: Economics-Mathematics
Mentor: Dr. Cynthia Bansak
Project Title: Remittances to Sierra Leone: An Inside Look into Helping the Country

Ms. Sierra Miller '16
Major: Neuroscience
Mentor: Dr. Bill Decoteau
Project Title: Therapeutic Effects of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in a Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease

Ms. Emily Mulvihill '16
Majors: English and Multi-Language
Mentor: Dr. Sarah Gates
Project Title: A World of Decline in the Realm of Happily Ever After: An Investigation into the Cross-Influence of D'Aulnoy's Works

Ms. Skyler Ng '16
Major: Computer Science
Mentor: Dr. Lisa Torrey
Project Title: P.H.O.E.N.I.X: A Linux Virtual Assistant

Mr. Arnold Olali '15
Major: Conservation Biology
Mentors: Dr. Eileen Visser, Claire Burkum
Project Title: The Impact of Human Development on the Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Chytrid fungus and Invertebrates along the Raquette River

Ms. Depika Singha '16
Major: Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Adam Fox
Project Title: Impaired Time Perception in Adults with ADHD

Ms. Jessica Tyree '15
Major: Sociology
Mentor: Dr. Karen O'Neil
Project Title: Badge of Honor or Badge of Fear: A Look into the Criminal Justice System and Policing

Summer 2013

Ms. Hillary Baynham
Research Title: Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals on the Development of the Thymus Gland in Xenopus laevis Tadpoles during Embryogenesis
Mentor: Dr. Alexander Schreiber

Mr. Juan Chang
Research Title: Predicting Owner Tendencies in Fantasy Football Drafts
Mentor: Dr. Ivan Ramler

Mr. Andre Chavez
Research Title: The Role of Matrixmetalloproteinases in Developmental Programs of Amphibian Metamorphosis
Mentor: Dr. Alexander Schreiber

Mr. Keith Goode
Research Title: What it takes to Win: A Linear Regression Analysis of Variables in the NFL and their Contribution to Points Scored and Wins/Losses
Mentor: Dr. Ed Harcourt

Ms. Tonisha Kerr
Research Title: Trends of Economic Development & Environmental Quality in China: An Application of the Environmental Kuznets Curve using CO2
Mentor: Dr. Keith Evans

Ms. Melissa Mahadeo
Research Title: Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles as a Means to Reduce Reactive Oxygen Species in the Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis
Mentor: Dr. Joe Erlichman

Ms. Kimberly Morante
Research Title: The Influence of the Estrogen Disrupting Compound Bisphenol A (BPA) on the Thymus Gland Development in Xenopus Laevis Tadpoles
Mentor: Dr. Alexander Schreiber

Mr. Iyioluwa Okunlola
Research Title: Konurim (drinking water) > Moi le kom (dugout water): Understanding the Importance of Safe Water Consumption and Hygiene for a Developing Country
Mentor: Dr. Lorraine Olendzenski

Ms. Jennifer Quinde
Research Title: Effect of the herbicide atrazine on immune development in a model amphibian species, Xenopus laevis
Mentor: Dr. Alexander Schreiber

Ms. Samantha Ribeiro
Research Title: The additive therapeutic effect of Fingolimod and cerium-oxide nanoparticles on experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis development and progression in mice
Mentor: Dr. Karin Heckman

Mr. Joseph Skeets
Research Title: Breaking the Barriers: Native American Students' Success in College
Mentor: Dr. Donna Kennedy

Summer 2012

Mr. Jose Alejandro
Research Title: Developing an Application for Android-Powered Devices
Mentor: Dr. Lisa Torrey

Ms. Shaneequa Castle
Research Title: Yuh Overstand or Yuh Understand? A Re-Examination of Jamaican Dancehall Culture
Mentor: Dr. Margaret Bass

Mr. Terry Cox
Research Title: Geological and Weather-Related Controls on Natural Felling of White Pines (Pinus Strobus), Lampson Falls, Adirondacks, NY
Mentor: Dr. Alexander Stewart

Ms. Tiara Davis
Research Title: It's Pronounced Ask: Understanding the Contested Black Voice
Mentor: Dr. Traci Fordham

Ms. Star-Quana Jackson
Research Title: Race, Media and the War on Drugs: Investigating Language and Image
Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Regosin

Ms. Tishara Joseph
Research Title: Dey Say: "Pan is Ah Jumbie"
Mentor: Dr. Eve Stoddard

Mr. Omaru Kabia
Research Title: Nepetalactone as Chiral Pool Synthetic Building Block
Mentor: Dr. Larry French

Ms. Marilyn Limon
Research Title: Human Trafficking and Civil War: A Threatening Interlock
Mentor: Dr. Martha Chew Sanchez

Ms. Feiona Maxwell
Research Title: In Times of Sorrow, I Ramajay: A Comparative Analysis of West Indians in London and New York City
Mentor: Dr. Eve Stoddard

Mr. Emmanuel Moreno
Research Title: Challenges and Cooperation: Cultural and Economic Relationships between Spain, Latin America, and the European Union
Mentor: Dr. Marina Llorente

Ms. Fatima Sall
Research Title: The 'Praised One' and the Women
Mentor: Dr. Patrice LeClerc

Summer 2011

Ms. Bailey Airoldi
Research Title: Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Protect Against Acute Oxidative Stress in C. elegans
Mentor: Dr. Ana Estevez

Mr. Nana Amankwah
Research Title: The Rise and Fall of the U.S. Housing Market: Causes, Effects and Policy Responses
Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Young

Ms. Cassandra Gipe
Research Title: Lynching and "Justice" in the American South
Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Regosin

Mr. Carlos Gomez
Research Title: Novel Application of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in the Treatment of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Mentor: Dr. Joe Erlichman

Ms. Tishara Joseph
Research Title: You and Yuh! Obeah Talk
Mentor: Dr. Eve Stoddard

Ms. Jasmine Kitts
Research Title: Effects of Pharmacological MMP Inhibition on Intestinal Neuromuscular Developing during Metamorphosis of the Frog, Xenopus laevis
Mentor: Dr. Alexander Schreiber

Ms. Burgundy Magoon
Research Title: Institutions and Aid: Exploring the Relationship between International Aid and Weak Institutions in Weak States
Mentor: Dr. Shelley McConnell

Ms. Epiphany McGee
Research Title: All We Have is Ourselves
Mentor: Dr. Robert Cowser

Mr. Anthony Nortz
Research Title: Trains, Planes, and Bombs: The West Virginia Coal Wars - 1912 and 1921
Mentor: Dr. Melissane Schrems

Mr. Jonathan Stopyra
Research Title: Virginity: A Meta-Literature Review
Mentor: Dr. Danielle Eagan

Mr. Jason S. Vengersammy
Research Title: Trade Liberalization in India: Economic Miracle or Economic Myth?
Mentor: Dr. Robert Blewett

Mr. Tommy Wolmart
Research Title: Big Money Means Big Problems
Mentor: Dr. Fred Exoo

Summer 2010

Ms. Maria Bernard
Research Title: Effects of Nuclear Testing in the Pacific
Mentor: Dr. Alice Pomponio

Ms. Shauntay Brandon
Research Title: Black and/or Beautiful
Mentor: Dr. Evette Hornsby-Minor

Ms. Shaunie Cadieux
Research Title: You'll Be Sorry When I'm Gone - The Women Who Love Me
Mentor: Ms. Mary Hussmann

Mr. Johnny Chestnut
Research Title: Bringing France of May '68 to America Today
Mentor: Dr. Roy Caldwell

Ms. Erika Colindres
Research Title: Effect of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles on Caenorhabditis Elegans
Mentor: Dr. Ana Estevez

Ms. Laura Escobar
Research Title: Influences of Sonic Hedgehog Signaling on Intestinal Remodeling During Xenpous Laevis
Mentor: Dr. Alex Schreiber

Ms. Alyssa Halton
Research Title: Fictionalizing Bad Faith: Using the Short Story to Examine Existentialist Values
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Hansen/Dr. Robert Cowser

Ms. Jennifer Lipps
Research Title: The Efficacy of Cerium Treating Yttrium Oxide Nanoparticles as a Neuroprotective Element in Ischemic Brain Injury
Mentor: Dr. Joe Erlichman

Ms. Burgundy Magoon
Research Title: Volunteerism and Social Capital in Rural Areas
Mentor: Mr. Paul Graham

Mr. Anthony Nortz
Research Title: The Interpretations of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States: From the Militias of the Colonies to the Assault Weapon Ban
Mentor: Dr. Mary Jane Smith

Mr. Terry Parham
Research Title: Investigating the Positive and Negative Impacts of Popular Media
Mentor: Ms. Elizabeth Becht

Ms. Stephanie Peña
Research Title: Trends in the Expression of China's Soft Power in Africa
Mentor: Dr. Matthew Carotenuto

Mr. Jason Vengersammy
Research Title: Destined For Servitude: Examining the Economic Push & Pull Factors Behind The Indentured Labor System In 19th Century British Guiana
Mentor: Dr. Evelyn Jennings

Summer 2009

Ms. Gabrielle Clover
Research Title: Social Typing in the Human Service Profession
Mentor: Dr. Karen O'Neil

Mr. Fernando T. Gomez
Research Title: Cities of Dreams: Examining the Ideology of Colonial Architecture in India
Mentor: Dr. Chandreyi Basu

Mr. Djifa Kothor
Research Title: National Consciousness among Ewé Migrants in North America
Mentor: Dr. Matthew Carotenuto

Mr. Andrew N. Le
Research Title: Destiny of the Poor: Transnational Migration of Vietnamese Laborers to the Caribbean
Mentor: Professor Florence Molk

Ms. Lauren M. Martin
Research Title: Emerging Leadership; Diane Nash in the Nashville Movement
Mentor: Dr. Eve Stoddard/Dr. Mary Jane Smith

Ms. Epiphany McGee
Research Title: The Prologue of My Life as it is Now
Mentor: Dr. Robert Cowser

Mr. Michael D. Nieves
Research Title: Genetic Regulation during Anoxic Stress in C. elegans
Mentor: Dr. Ana Estevez

Ms. Brittany Parham
Research Title: The Dismantling of Brown & Re-Segregation in Public Schools
Mentor: Dr. Mary Jane Smith

Ms. Jany Ramirez
Research Title: La Peste: The Impact of the Black Death on Medieval Italy
Mentor: Dr. Alice Pomponio

Mr. Matthew R. Wilson
Research Title: Do Odors Produced when Humans Exercise Affect a Canine's Ability to Distinguish Smells Produced by Location-Specific Human Apocrine Glands?
Mentor: Dr. David Hornung

Summer 2008

Ms. Angela Christie
Research Title: The Few, The Proud, The Men of Middle Earth
Mentor: Dr. Bruce Danner

Mr. Jonathan Edwards
Research Title: Risking It All: A Developmental Model Examining Performance-Enhancing Drug Use in Sport
Mentor: Dr. Cheryl Stuntz

Ms. Nertila Koni
Research Title: Stuck Between A Rock and A Hard Place: Women & Human Trafficking from Eastern Europe into the European Union
Mentor: Ms. Florence Molk

Ms. Chloe LaFrance
Research Title: Long Story Short: A Daughter's Memoir
Mentor: Dr. Natalia Singer

Mr. Devaun McFarland
Research Title: Are We Moving Fast Enough? TSP Algorithms & Approaches to Problem Solving
Mentor: Dr. Richard Sharp

Ms. Darrlyn Moorer
Research Title: Shades of Black: Colorism & Black Women
Mentor: Dr. Traci Fordham-Hernandez

Mr. Andy Rampersaud
Research Title: Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression Changes in C. elegans Exposed to 24 Hours of Anoxia
Mentor: Dr. Ana Estevez

Ms. Samantha Rivera
Research Title: A Cry for Help: A Psychological Investigation of Deliberate Self-Harm in Men
Mentor: Dr. Pamela Thacher

Ms. Jimeyri Santiago
Research Title: Santeria: An Ethnographical Piece on the Adaptation of a Religion
Mentor: Dr. Karen O'Neil

Mr. Daniel Trombley
Research Title: The Liberation of the Prussian Army: A Study of Reform From 1806-1871 & Its Practical Application in Strategy and Tactics During the Wars of German Unification
Mentor: Dr. Elun Gabriel

Mr. Matthew Wilson
Research Title: A Proposed Experiment: Do Odors Produced when Humans Exercise Effect a Canine's Ability to Distinguish Smells Produced by Location-Specific Human Apocrine Glands?
Mentor: Dr. David Hornung

Ms. Crystal Fuerte
Research Title: Ajax: Making Websites More Efficient
Mentor: Dr. Edwin Harcourt

Ms. Tiye Gordon
Research Title: Discourse, Mythology & The Construction of An (Illusive) Society: Exploring Black & White Female Sexuality on a Southern Antebellum Plantation
Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Regosin

Summer 2007

Ms. Nazeema Baboolall
Research Title: Dairy Subsidies in the United States…A Cash Cow Milked Out?
Mentor: Dr. Peter FitzRandolph

Ms. Cornelia T. DeLee
Research Title: Investigating Juvenile Delinquency in New York State
Mentor: Ms. Cynthia Lonsbary

Mr. Axel Galeano
Research Title: Hispanics in New York State Schools and Representation in Higher Education Compared to Whites
Mentor: Dr. Evelyn Jennings

Ms. Karla E. Kawenniiostha General
Research Title: Kanienkehaka Nationalism and Tribal-State-Federal Relations: The cycle of failed governance and a non-participatory citizenry in the Mohawk Nation Territory of Akwesasne
Mentor: Dr. Kenneth Gould

Mr. Animesh Giri
Research Title: Aid and Development: A Review on the Existing Literature
Mentor: Dr. Brian Chezum

Ms. Tiye Gordon
Research Title: The Ritualistic Behavior of Lynching in Southern Religion
Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Self

Mr. Darrell Hemsley
Research Title: Second Life: Constructing a new Self in the Virtual World of Fashion
Mentor: Dr. Kirk Fuoss

Ms. Zelda Martinez
Research Title: International Development Through a Cultural Perspective: An Account of the Garifuna People
Mentor: Dr. Robert Torres

Mr. Juan Medina
Research Title: The Development of a Rodent Model of CO2- Induced Anxiety
Mentor: Dr. William DeCoteau

Ms. Danielle Sagor
Research Title: Unraveling New York State's Higher Education Opportunity Program
Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Regosin

Mr. Richard Torres
Research Title: Be: A Look into Knot To Be or Knot to Tabulation
Mentor: Dr. Margaret Bos

Summer 2006

Ms. Henrietta "Rita" Asiedu
Research Title: The Alliance and Collapse of Black and Jewish Relations During the Civil Rights Movement
Mentor: Professor Mary Hussmann

Ms. Jessa Davis
Research Title: Indigenous Treatment of Malaria
Mentor: Dr. Aswini Pai

Ms. Crystal Fuerte
Research Title: Crystal Clear: A Second Chance
Mentor: Dr. Robert Cowser

Mr. Axel Galeano
Research Title: Guatemalan Immigration into New York City
Mentor: Dr. Jenna Torres and Dr. Evelyn Jennings

Ms. Candina Harmer
Research Title: A Short History of Medicine and the Rise of Female Physicians
Mentor: Dr. Patrice LeClerc

Mr. Darrell Hemsley
Research Title: Cluster Criticism Reveals: Phyllis Hyman's Lyrical Angels and Demons
Mentor: Dr. Kirk Fuoss

Ms. Marlise Hernandez
Research Title: Medicine as a Cultural System - A Medical Anthropological Study of Indigenous Peoples in the Caribbean
Mentor: Dr. Alice Pomponio

Ms. Jana Morgan
Research Title: Diamonds of Sierra Leone: The True Meaning of Forever
Mentor: Dr. John Collins

Mr. Steve Peraza
Research Title: Resolving the Religious and the Political: Jeffrey Campbell's Ministry: Unitarian Universalist Society at Amherst, 1967-1974
Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Regosin

Ms. Sahiry Rodriguez
Research Title: Dominicans' Self-identification and Segmented Assimilation in the United States
Mentor: Dr. Ronald Flores

Mr. Michael Seaman
Research Title: Utilizing Intrinsic Tryptophan Fluorescence in the Androgen Receptor: Searching for an Intermediate in the Ligand Binding Process
Mentor: Dr. Matthew Skeels

Summer 2005

Mr. Akintunde Akinmade
Research Title: Switching Allegiances: The Changing Voting Patterns of St. Lawrence County
Mentor: Dr. Alan Draper

Ms. Emily Bordeau
Research Title: Bush's 2006 Proposal: Catastrophe for Rural Communities, Especially St. Lawrence County
Mentor: Dr. Peter FitzRandolph

Ms. Meagan Frazier
Research Title: The American Sacrifice: A Study of American Due Process Rights Within the Context of the War on Terror
Mentor: Dr. Catherine Crosby-Currie/Dr. Steven Horowitz

Ms. Kelly Garcia
Research Title: Music in Film: A Study of Image and Sound
Mentor: Dr. Christopher Watts

Ms. Diana Gotham
Research Title: Incest Perpetrators and Child Development: The Fun House Mirror of Development-Using Shame as a Tool of Distortion
Mentor: Dr. Pamela Thacher

Ms. Kendall Landers
Research Title: Evolution and Women's Rights in The Egoist and The Descent of Man, The Eustace Diamonds and The Subjection of Women
Mentor: Dr. Robert DeGraaff

Ms. Ryane Lokey
Research Title: The Inextricable Link of US Policy to the Protracted Revolutionary Conflict of Colombia
Mentor: Dr. Kenneth Gould

Mr. Eddie Molina
Research Title: The Sound of Silence: The G.I. Account of the Vietnam War
Mentor: Mr. Larry Boyette

Ms. Mikinee Moses
Research Title: Carnival: Constructing Cultural, National and Individual Trinidadian Identity through Festival
Mentor: Dr. Andrea Nouryea/Dr. Randall Hill

Ms. April Rolfe
Research Title: Women in Spain: A Transition from Dictatorship to Democracy as seen through Film
Mentor: Dr. Jenna Torres

Summer 2004

Ms. Kira Cambridge
Research Title: ". . . but Maybe a Woman Can Be"
Mentor: Mr. Pedro Ponce

Ms. Sara Campos
Research Title: A Cuban History: His-story, Her-story, Our-story
Mentor: Mr. Paul Graham

Mr. Purnell Cropper
Research Title: "I Experience Simultaneously a Continuity and a Discontinuity with the Past": Expressions of Black Alterity in the Early Poetry of Harryette Mullen
Mentor: Dr. Al Glover

Ms. Anzinga (Ann) Low
Research Title: The Wishing Well
Mentor: Dr. Peter Bailey

Ms. Stephanie Lusk
Research Title: No-Man's Land: Identity and Cultural Continuity in Traditional and Contemporary Tibetan Painting
Mentor: Ms. Cathy Tedford/Ms. Carole Mathey

Mr. Aaron Marshall
Research Title: The Cycle that Never Ends: Minstrelsy Then and Now
Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Daniels

Ms. Amy Mathews
Research Title: Ohio: Far from Innocent: African American and White Race Relations 1850-1871
Mentor: Dr. Liz Regosin

Mr. Paul Ohri
Research Title: Soka Gakkai International: A New Religious Movement on the Information Superhighway
Mentor: Dr. Mark MacWilliams

Ms. Sandra Ordonez
Research Title: Rural Economic Deprivation in New York and the Effect on Children
Mentor: Dr. Patrice LeClerc

Ms. Christine Ranney
Research Title: Implementation and Re-Integration: Charter School Education as a Remedy for African American Inequities in an Urban Context
Mentor: Dr. Ron Flores

Ms. Giselle Regino
Research Title: Through the Eyes of Garage
Mentor: Mr. Larry Boyette

Mr. Austin Weakfall
Research Title: Colonizer Beware: The Algerian and Vietnamese Responses to French Imperialism
Mentor: Dr. Evelyn Jennings

Ms. Alena Severin
Research Title: "He must have had a bad childhood…" Who are they and why do they kill? The Case of Gary Gilmore Revisited
Mentor: Dr. Robert Cowser

Summer 2003

Mr. Travis Atkinson
Research Title: Approximate Confidence Interval Estimation for Beta-Binomial Proportions of Biometric Identification Devices
Mentor: Dr. Michael Schuckers

Mr. Travis Babcock
Research Title: Law v. Culture: Deconstructing Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage
Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Daniels

Mr. Ohene Cornelius
Research Title: Speaking in Tongues to Speaking over Drums: The Effects of the Transatlantic Trade on African/Black Music
Mentor: Dr. Margaret Bass

Ms. Prisca Fall-Eyoum
Research Title: The Power of Placebo
Mentor: Dr. Thomas Greene

Mr. Jeovanni Guzman
Research Title: Predictability of Stock Prices
Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Young

Mr. Ian Hubbard
Research Title: Examination of the Viability of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to determine Body Condition in Erethizon dorsatum (The North American Porcupine)
Mentor: Dr. Erika Barthelmess

Ms. Kandyce McGill
Research Title: Who Am I? Constructing Concepts of the Self and Gender Identity in the Pacific Islands
Mentor: Dr. Alice Pomponio

Mr. Dan Ramos
Research Title: Behind the Black Line
Mentor: Dr. Karen O'Neil

Ms. Sydney Seifert
Research Title: Where have all the Queer Students Gone? Heteronormativity & Homophobia in the Public School System
Mentor: Dr. Judith DeGroat

Ms. Tara Smith
Research Title: The Evolution of Text As Power in the Films of Peter Greenaway
Mentor: Dr. Kerry Grant