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Hidden Job Market with Donald Asher

9/8/17 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Are you spending your time applying to posted job openings—postings that draw hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of applications? No matter how perfect you are for the job, there is always someone else who’s a little more qualified and more experienced. The key to success is breaking through to the hidden job market.

Career guru Donald Asher offers proven strategies for finding great opportunities in any industry. After hearing this presentation, you’ll stop wasting time and effort and beat the job-search odds by:

  • finding jobs that are never posted 
  • getting complete strangers to help you find a job
  • convincing potential employers to give you an interview—even when they’re “not hiring”

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More information about Donald Asher:
Donald Asher is one of the nation's foremost authorities on the graduate admissions process. Hundreds of thousands of students have seen his lectures, tapes, and teleconfrences. He is the author of twelve books, including Graduate Admissions Essays, the best-selling guide to the graduate admissions process, and The Best Scholarships for the Best Students.

He has been a keynote or featured speaker for the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals (NAGAP), the Ronald E. McNair Scholars National Conference in Delevan, Wisconsin, the Penn State TRIO Training Institute (offered coast to coast), the SREB Compact for Faculty Diversity, the annual Penn State McNair Directors Training Program in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Maryland McNair Conference, the Oregon Statewide Graduate School Fair, the Indiana Statewide Conference on Undergraduate Research, Caltech's Ph.D. Career Development Days, and at hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the United States. He has been the keynote presenter for over ten years for the Professional Development Series of live teleconfrences and webinars offered by the University of Tennessee, where he has four times hosted the National Teleconference on Graduate Admissions.

He has been a contributing writer to MSN homepage, MSN Encarta, the Wall Street Journal’s and,,,, the Los Angeles Times’s career development web site, USAirways magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Examiner, and Dow Jones, Inc.’s National Business Employment Weekly and Managing Your Career magazine. His work can also be found in professional journals, including national and regional publications of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals (NAGAP).