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Apply for a 2020 Grant


WHO CAN APPLY: ALL SLU STUDENTS, including seniors, are eligible to submit proposals to the 2020 Davis Projects for Peace (PFP) Program, which provides $10,000 grants for “grassroots” projects to promote peace and address the root causes of conflict. Project can be located in the US or anywhere around the world, but must be implemented during the summer of 2020. Awardees must also submit a report in mid-September.

WHAT CAN BE INCLUDED: Previous projects have covered a wide range of activities, including building a school in Nepal, renovating a clinic in Timor-Leste, operating a children's summer camp in Turkey, establishing a liberal arts program at a library in rural China, and launching a microenterprise sewing program for young women in Burundi. Eligible project costs include student travel, living expenses, renovation costs, supplies, and contractors (e.g., construction). Stipends for student applicants are not eligible costs.

HOW TO APPLY: Proposals must be emailed to Carol Smith in the Campus Grants Office by Monday, January 29, 2020, and should consist of two pages outlining the project (need/goals/activities/timeline/outcomes), and a one-page budget. Besides the page limit, there is no required format, but we are happy to provide a template if desired (email

PROPOSAL SELECTION: The SLU PFP Committee will review proposals and select two projects to submit to the Davis PFP Program. The winning SLU proposal will be funded at $10,000, and the alternate proposal will be considered by the Davis Projects for Peace Program. Final awards will be announced during the spring semester.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: It is strongly recommended that interested students consult with SLU PFP Committee members to discuss project ideas and visit the Davis PFP website to see examples of previous successful proposals.

The 2020 St. Lawrence Davis Projects for Peace Committee: