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SLU Launches New Grant-Seeking Incentive Program

The C&F Office and the Office of Academic Affairs was awarded an Innovation Grant during the Fall 2016 semester that will provide funding for a new Grant Incentive Program to recognize the significant amounts of time and effort expended by grant-seeking faculty outside their already busy teaching and advising schedules.  We are very aware that time spent working on grant proposals often impinges on personal life.  For this reason, the new incentive program will provide gift certificates to local restaurants faculty who submit grant proposals will receive restaurant gift cards with a congratulatory note from the President/Dean’s Office/C&F Grants Office inviting them to celebrate their accomplishment with a nice meal out with partner/family/friends. The gift cards will vary in amount based on the scope of the submitted project.  This pilot incentive program was based upon the suggestion of a veteran faculty grant seeker, who was inspired by an idea shared at a conference.