New York Six: Art Studio Practice and Pedagogy | St. Lawrence University Richard F. Brush Art Gallery

New York Six: Art Studio Practice and Pedagogy

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 to Saturday, February 24, 2018
photograph of models of ICBMs made from cloth and assorted materials

Sally Packard, The Americans, 2017, mixed media

This exhibition features the work of 37 artists who teach at liberal arts institutions in the “New York Six,” a statewide consortium that includes Colgate University, Hamilton College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Skidmore College, St. Lawrence University, and Union College. Intended to be as broad and inclusive as possible, the exhibition features work by a range of tenured, visiting, and adjunct professors at each institution. In addition, each artist was asked to write a statement in response to the question:

“How does your art practice influence and inform your teaching, and how does teaching influence and inform your art practice?”

One artist in the show, Lynn Schwarzer, commented, “[I am] continually devising assignments that ask [students] to explore aspects of their world and their relationship to it in a sustained, considered way. Most often, they express gratitude for being nudged to venture into a place they thought they knew, but was more complicated than they had imagined, and required more than they had anticipated. And, of course, my students continue to teach me things that inform my work. Building community and a space for creating are complicated and necessary; listening (on my part) needs to come before talking, and talking is most productive when it can be insightful, honest, and inclusive; and “why” is almost always more important than “how."

Special thanks to Amy Cronin, Executive Director of the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium.

"New York Six" Institution Participants

Colgate University

  • DeWitt Godfrey
  • Margaretha Haughwout
  • Lakshmi Luthra
  • Lynn Schwarzer
  • Lynette Stephenson

Hamilton College

  • Amy Buchholz
  • Robert Knight
  • Katharine Kuharic
  • Bruce Muirhead
  • Rebecca Murtaugh
  • Sally Packard
  • John Powell
  • William Salzillo

Hobart and William Smith Colleges

  • Christine Chin
  • Gabriella D'Angelo
  • Alysia Kaplan
  • Kirin Makker
  • Nicholas Ruth
  • Phillia Yi

Skidmore College

  • John Galt
  • Deb Hall
  • Doretta Miller
  • Lauren Sandler
  • Paul Sattler
  • Janet Sorensen
  • Sarah Sweeney
  • Matt Wilt

St. Lawrence University

  • Kasarian Dane
  • Amy Hauber
  • Elizabeth LaBarge
  • Roxanne Locy
  • David Knobel
  • Sarah Knobel
  • Melissa Schulenberg
  • Obiora Udechukwu

Union College

  • Martin Benjamin
  • Chris Duncan