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Contemporary Issues Forum ~ "Through the Glass: One Woman's Pursuit of Justice, Forgiveness and Healing" (Shannon Moroney)

4/2/14 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Eben Main

Shannon Moroney
Speaker, Author, & Advocate

will be on campus

April 2nd and 3rd
as part of the Contemporary Issues Forum.

“Through the Glass: One Woman’s Pursuit of Justice, Forgiveness and Healing”

Lecture, Q & A, and Book Signing of "Through the Glass"

Hear Shannon tell the story of her husband’s arrest, trial, sentencing, and the insights she gained about justice, healing and the relationship between the two as she struggled to triumph over tragedy. Openly sharing her experiences, reading selected pieces from her book and using photos and artwork to illustrate her journey, Shannon leads the audience through an unforgettable ordeal and inspires hope even in the most desperate moments of the human condition. She also explains the principles of restorative justice and inspires individuals and organizations to consider how they can be applied in circumstances of crime and conflict.

More information about Shannon's story can be found here.

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