Do you love Field Biology? Apply for the Crowell Field Study Award

Funding for Summer Study of Natural History

Funding up to $2000 is available for summer off-campus study in field biology to Biology and Conservation Biology major(s) showing promise in Natural History (e.g. ecology, environmental science, population biology, systematics).

The experience of study at a summer field station exposes students to the excitement of learning with their peers from different kinds of institutions, observing the work of senior researchers, and gaining insights into graduate school and career options. Information about field stations is available from faculty, on departmental bulletin boards and by visiting the Organization of Biological Field Stations website (

The purpose of the award is to encourage students to go beyond St. Lawrence to develop professional contacts, so priority is given to students attending courses at established field stations. Criteria will be the applicant’s academic record, personal qualities, and the relevance of the program to his/her career development. The amount of the award(s) will depend on financial need. Graduating seniors and sophomores are eligible but juniors have precedence.

The application shall consist of 1) a description of summer plans, including financial arrangements, 2) present plans for graduate study and career goals, 3) a statement of long-term goals, 4) an unofficial SLU transcript.

Submit applications to the Karl McKnight by 5 pm, April 4. Applications received after the 4th may not be considered, depending on available funds.

This award recognizes the energetic manner with which Robert L. Crowell, former head of Thomas Y. Crowell Publishing Company, combined his interest in art and literature with a love of the outdoors and dedicated action as a conservationist.

Dr. Kenneth L. Crowell (faculty emeritus) and his wife, Marnie were both able to take advantage of summer field stations with the help of their undergraduate colleges. It is their hope that this award will encourage students to broaden their horizons and experience the excitement of field study. Winning students are asked to consider that they will never be asked to pay back this gift, but perhaps at some point in their future they will be able to pass along to someone else a special opportunity.