Major Learning Goals | St. Lawrence University Conservation Biology

Major Learning Goals

The learning goals for the Conservation Biology major are:

  1. To gain knowledge about biodiversity and the fundamental principals important in its conservation and to develop an appreciation for conservation needs at both local and global levels
  2. To learn the particular methods associated with biodiversity conservation.
  3. To integrate content, skills and critical thinking to design feasible independent research projects employing the scientific method.
  4. To critique and contextualize the published works of others in the scientific community, including the ability to critically analyze experimental design and data interpretation.
  5. To demonstrate quantitative literacy, including the application of statistical methods to analyze and interpret data.
  6. To develop scientific writing skills through the writing of papers using scientific conventions of format, succinctness, objectivity and accuracy.
  7. To develop oral communication skills that enable the student to communicate scientific information clearly to a lay audience, using appropriate format, succinctness, objectivity and accuracy through oral and/or poster presentations.