2012 Conservation Biology Case Studies

Annually, senior students enrolled in the Major capstone course Conservation Biology conduct in-depth research projects on subjects of conservation concern in the North Country. These case studies are presented to the public in an annual symposium, and later the reports are made available here. For 2012, the schedule of presentations will be as follows:

2012 Symposium Schedule - Johnson Hall Room 112


Time Title Presenters
Monday 30 April 10:50 am Plugging the Leak on Wild Leeks Hannah Brubaker, Barry Edgar and Kelsey Tuminelli
Wednesday 2 May 10:50 am The Adirondack Club and Resort and the Great Adirondack Debate Matthias Nevins, Andrew Sargrad, Andrew Skaggs
Wednesday 2 May 1:30 pm What a Fracking Mess: The Not so Clean World of Hydraulic Fracturing Max Shafer, Will Mook and Jon Williams
Wednesday 2 May 2:30 pm The Emerald Ash Borer - How Can We Prepare for this Exotic Pest in the North Country? Shelby Southworth and Tim Liponis
Wednesday 2 May 3:30 pm Lake Sturgeon Restoration in the North Country Maria Hall, Melissa Fogarty and Emily Greer
Friday 4 May 10:50 am Sea Lamprey Management in Lake Champlain Molly Parren and Leah Hart

Also, these projects involve some Advocacy.  Look here to see press about the work of these students.

And finally, you can download the finished papers below as they become available.