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Student Resources

Goals and Objectives

  1. Foster a civically engaged commitment to the common good both generally and in the context of living in the North Country.

  2. Encourage students to think critically about their place within the complexity and diversity of the human experience and the natural world.

  3. Cultivate a habit of reflection in the context of civic engagement.

How to Search for CBL Courses in APR

  1. Make sure the SUBJECTS filter is completely cleared
  2. Select the correct semester/year under the TERMS filter
  3. Under the COURSE LEVEL filter, select Community Based Learning
  4. It is also helpful to select open sections under the AVAILABILITY filter

Community Based Learning offers CBL 100 (fall semester) and CBL 101 (spring semester).CBL supports a number of courses from academic departments as listed below. CBL also offers students the opportunity to apply for a CBL Independent Study.