SUNDAY FUNDAY: Building a Bridge Between SLU and the Local Community

    Community Based Learning students from Deshaya Williams and Kelly Curtis First Year Seminar course Leadership in Action held a SUNDAY FUNDAY to promote fun and healthy living through physical and educational activities while building a bridge between St. Lawrence University and the local community. Over 80 local children attended and participated in events that included face-painting, musical chairs, tie-dying, dizzy bat, crab soccer, trail mix making, tug-o-war, parachute game and army crawl. The event was free to children ages 5-12. The children were paired up with a SLU student "buddy" and escorted around the events. Adults were able to either participate with their children or watch from the sideline.

First Year Student Organizers: Daniel Alexander, Travis Clark, Manny Collins, Rebecca Doser, Janelle Fredericks, Timothy Gavin, Nyesha Hanna-Wornun, Chris Hyde, Alimamy Kabia, Scott Kasson, Katherine Kolber, Bart Mackey, Tom Nunez, Lauren Quattrocchi, Catherine Rosen, Danielle Scanlon, Marisa Turner, Molly Underhill and Kyani Vasquez.

This event is made possible through the hard work of CBL students and funds from the Center for Civic Engagement and the Thelomathesian Society.