Reflections on A Year of Working with the CBL Housing Opportunity

Written By: Liz Regosin

This has been a great year for the CBL Suites! I had the opportunity to work with two dynamic groups of students, one placed at the NYSARC Fitness program, the other at littleGrasse Foodworks. Both groups met with me regularly over the course of the year to discuss their experiences at their placements and to supplement their on-site learning with reflective projects.

In addition to their twice-weekly activities with NYSARC Fitness, Oscar, Francisco, Brandon, and Matt spent the first semester educating themselves about issues around the disability rights movement and about portrayals of disability in the media. They spent this semester working on a film project, which aired at the Festival of CBL on May 1st.

Over the course of the year, Dustin, Matt, Henry, Ruben, and Paige worked at the farm at littleGrasse and also created a blog chronicling their projects there and teaching their readers about the importance of community supported agriculture (CSAs). You can check out their blog at

For my part, it was wonderful to spend the year working with this terrific bunch of students. I appreciated how passionate they are about the work their placements do and how dedicated they all have been to making a contribution to the community outside the walls of the University. None of their work is graded; all of this activity was motivated by an intrinsic desire to be engaged citizens.  And engaged they were!

I encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by CBL Housing. This is just the kind of unique living/learning experience that makes a St. Lawrence University education so special. For more information, visit