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Community Partner Spotlight: Maplewood Health Care and Rehabilitation Center

Written By: Yue Yang '18

According to their website, “In 1898, ten St. Lawrence County women met to address a pressing social need, orphaned and indigent children. They each invested one hundred dollars to form the Society of the United Helpers and created a safe haven that helped to house and keep hundreds of area children safe and nurtured.” After several years, the United Helpers expanded into a large company to include Maplewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center, which offers a spacious and homelike environment for elderly individuals that specializes in outpatient therapy, post-hospital rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and services for individuals with dementia.

Maplewood has support from both the local community and the universities in the area. Maplewood and St. Lawrence University have had a long cooperating relationship, built out of the Community Based Learning (CBL) office. The CBL office helps link St. Lawrence students enrolled in Community Based Learning classes with various volunteer opportunities in St. Lawrence County. Occasionally, other St. Lawrence students get involved with Maplewood through CBL courses offered through the Psychology and Sociology departments.

From all the engagement that Maplewood has with St. Lawrence University, the most consistantone is from the CBL office. According to Patience Boswell, the activity leader at Maplewood, who has been working with students from St. Lawrence University for seven years state that, the relationship between Maplewood and the CBL office, has been at least 12 years. When Patience started with United Helpers in 2005, she was a task aide, and then she became the activity leader at Maplewood after five years. For the past seven years, Patience’s responsibilities include cooperating with the universities to provide them the opportunity to help at Maplewood and organizing fun activities for the residents in Maplewood. As an Activity Leader, Patience supervises all the volunteers from the local community and the universities, such as Clarkson University, SUNY Potsdam, SUNY Canton, and St. Lawrence University. She enjoys working with St. Lawrence University students since she became activity leader. She described the students as positively energetic and always bringing refreshing knowledge for the residence. And the residents at Maplewood just love spending time with those students for they bring positive energy into their lives.