Community Mentor Program: Spring 2015 Update

This year was full of learning and reflection for both the CCE full-time staff and new Community Mentors as we worked through our first major turnover in student staff. As a result, we now have a two-semester curriculum full of professional and leadership development opportunities. As a Community Mentor (CM) of the CCE, the CM’s primary responsibility is to work with local agencies and organizations to develop, implement and coordinate community-University partnerships designed to address unmet needs as defined by the community.  As part of their partnership building, the mentors will train and support fellow students placed in Community Based Learning engagement activities. CM's also work each semester on implementing a fundraiser to benefit the local community. In the fall they host Shawna's Walk for Wishes and in the Spring they host Kick it for a Cause. Over the past 5 years, the CM's have raised over $72,000 for the local community.

CM's also spend time to professional and leadership development through beginning of semester staff trainings as well as monthly workshops such as effective communication, relationship building, online presence, personal budget management and many more. The Community Mentor program is truly a unique and sought out for position on campus. The skills these students receive not only offer an opportunity to make a difference in the local community, but also prepare them for opportunities after graduation and give them an advantage when compared to their peers. For more information on the Community Mentor program, please visit the Community Mentor page.

Lizzie Bastien '15 - Event Coordinator for Team Building, T-Shirts and Student Organizations
Amanda Brooks '17 - Publicity Coordinator: Photography, Videography, Testimonials and Hill News
Vanessa Chilunda '17 - Campus Kitchens Project
Kelsey Colpitts '15 - Potsdam Central School Mentoring Program, Cyber Seniors
Morgan Darby '17 - Little Grass Foodworks/Cornell Cooperative Extension/Bittersweet Farm
Prudence Dechene '17 - Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club/Branching Out With Books
Emma Duffany '15 - Birdsfoot Farm/Sustainability House/Canton Head Start/Reading Buddies
Annie Gibbons '17 - NYSARC
Katherine Lloyd '17 - Free Will Meal Program/Maplewood
Anna Manning '15 - Event Coordinator for Logistics
Sean Morrissey '16 - Bittersweet Farm
Devin Pafumi '17 - Maplewood Campus/Partridge Knoll/Correctional Facilities
Julie Rogers '17 - Canton Central School/St. Mary's School
Alex Spencer '15 - Publicity Coordinator for Social Media and Press Releases
Lexie Vining '16 - Building Blocks Day Care/Canton Day Care/Canton Head Start

Just as we welcomed a number of new Community Mentors to the staff for 2014-2015, we will again welcome almost an entirely new student staff with only a couple of returning CMs for the 2015-2015 academic year.

Amanda Brooks '17 - Multi-Media, The Hill News, CCE Newsletter
Kayse Brunell '18 - Social Media, Press Releases
Prudence Dechene '17 - Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club, Campus Outreach, Fundraising
Rose Green '18 - NYSARC Fitness, Independent Living and Community Arts Programs
Elise Haan '18 - Little Grass Foodworks
Bridget Ireland '18 - Birdsfoot Farm, Cornell Cooperative Extension
Katherine Lloyd '17 - Free Will Meal Program, Team Building Activities
Katarina Marczeski '17 - Campus Kitchens Project, Potsdam Central Middle School Mentoring Program
Raquell Muniz '18 - Canton Day Care, Canton Head Start
Samantha Taillon '18 - Fundraising Logistics and Office Support
Lexie Vining '16 - Canton Day Care, Canton Head Start
Kaleigh White '18 - Canton Central School, St. Mary's School