Grace Devane '22 | St. Lawrence University Community Based Learning

Grace Devane '22

Name: Grace Devane
Class Year: 2022
Major(s): English
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Home: Albany, NY
Extra-Curricular Activities: Resident of Commons College
Campus-Community Partnership(s): SLU: VoteEverywhere: The Andrew Goodman Foundation and  St. Lawrence Correctional Facility
Fun fact: I have over 60 first cousins

Why did you choose SLU?
I chose SLU because I had an amazing tour and just got a really good feeling when I stepped on campus. My Dad and lots of aunts and uncles went here too so it’s kind of in the family.

What do you like most/enjoy most about SLU?
My favorite thing about SLU is the sense of community. Because we’re a smaller school, everywhere you go you’re likely to know someone but you’re also likely to meet new people.

CBL courses taken:
FYP (Peace Begins with you) and my FYS (commercial sports). As were my intro to soc class with Professor Locke and Childhood Across Cultures with Professor Harr.

Why did you apply to be a CM:
I applied to be a CM because I loved participating in CBL as a student and I wanted to get more involved. My experience at the correctional facility really opened my eyes to the impact that volunteer work can have.

Why should every student take a CBL course during their time at SLU?
Not only is CBL an amazing experience that you are guaranteed to learn a lot from, but it’s also a really cool way to get off campus and learn more about the Canton community.

The most rewarding part of being a CM, I think the CM experience is like no other job in the sense that we have the opportunity to really engage with the community and directly help others. I’ve always been really passionate about volunteer work and this job allows me to share that with other students! Through being a community mentor, I’ve had so many amazing experiences such as getting to know a lot of the inmates at the correctional facility.