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CBL Independent Study


Each semester, the CBL office offers students the opportunity to enhance their prior CBL experience(s) by applying for a CBL Independent Study (1/2 unit and full unit options available). On occasion, students without previous CBL experience will be considered. To apply, please review the steps outlined in the application process below.

To be considered for fall semester, steps one and two must be completed by the first week in March.
To be considered for spring semester, steps one and two must be completed by the last week in October.

Application Process

Step One: Draft Proposal

Please answer the questions below in a Word Document (format: please use each question as the header for each section)
Please be sure to include the following in your proposal: Full Name, SLU Email Address, Mobile Phone, and Student ID Number

  1. What semester/year do you wish to complete the Independent Study?
  2. What are your expectations of this Independent Study?
  3. What do you expect to learn from this experience?
  4. What community placement site (agency) do you wish to be assigned and how does it complement your academic learning around a research area and/or a social/political issue?
  5. Explain how your community placement will enhance your learning experience at SLU.

Once you complete your proposal, please email it to cbl@stlawu.edu. Once your proposal has been reviewed, you will be invited to participate in step two.

Step Two: Meet with CBL Director 

Brenda L .Papineau

During this time, the following will be reviewed:

  1. Faculty Sponsor
  2. Community Placement Site
  3. Proposal 
  4. Next Steps

Step Three: Meet with Faculty Sponsor

Step Four: Meet with Community Placement Site Supervisor

Step Five: Draft Syllabus


  1. Learning Goals
  2. Required project(s), paper(s), and other assignments with due dates
  3. Community Placement Responsibilities/Project Description (This section should be designed in consultation with the community placement supervisor) 
    1. Please list any required paperwork or training associated with your community placement?
    2. Please describe the specific projects or assignments will you be completing at the community placement.
    3. Please provide any dates and deadlines associated with the projects or assignments.

    Weekly Engagement

    1. How many hours will you be serving each week at your community placement?
    2. Weekly schedule: What days and times you plan on attending placement each week?
  4. Bibliography (preliminary overview)

Step Six: Complete CBL Independent Study Form by first day of class (to include uploading the syllabus)

Step Seven: Complete required CBL (Student Commitment Form) and agency documentation

Step Eight: Submit final bibliography (format: MS word) by mid-semester to cbl@stlawu.edu.

CBL Independent Study Form (below)

Please do not complete the form until your CBL Independent Study has been approved and you've completed your syllabus.