Deep Root Center for Self-Directed Learning | St. Lawrence University Community Based Learning

Deep Root Center for Self-Directed Learning

Community Mentor:  Asa Krieger,

Agency and Placement Location: 48 Riverside Drive, Canton, NY 13617 

Mission:  Deep Root Center (DRC) is a non-coercive community resource learning center that provides each student member a unique educational experience, based on their personal interests and aspirations. DRC is an educational alternative with the flexibility to meet any child's educational needs. DRC provides resources and materials for hands-on projects, as well as a schedule of classes and activities for their members to choose from. The Center offers a safe social and educational environment that encourages and supports youth to explore all the possibilities, to be their best selves.  Staff and volunteers are considered partners and mentors in the educational process. They facilitate classes, share their talents, skills, and ideas and listen carefully to each student member. Volunteers are matched with DRC students who share their interests and talents.

Advice: always be mindful of the mission and philosophy of Deep Root Center.  Ideal student qualities: self-directed, open-minded, able to engage with students, and able to take initiative.


  • Language instruction - French, Spanish, and ASL

  •  Math Instruction - higher level math, and math games

  •  Anime and Cosplay

  • Chemistry (and other sciences) Instruction - Use Crash Course and other online tools to teach basic science

  • Animal appreciation club - facilitate a weekly session to discuss animals

  • Social Justice - Discussion based class about societal issues and inequities

Agency Requirements: