Cooper Sarafin '21 | St. Lawrence University Community Based Learning

Cooper Sarafin '21

Name: Cooper Sarafin
Class Year: 2021
Major(s): Philosophy
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Home: Lancaster, MA
Extra-Curricular Activities: Golf, Chess, and Reading
Fun fact: I once went swimming in Loch Ness

Why did you choose SLU?
I chose SLU for a variety of reasons. The most prominent are for a specific FYP program, where I went abroad to London and that it came highly recommended from some alumni on my high school faculty.

What do you like most/enjoy most about SLU?
What I most enjoy about SLU is how willing people are to discuss complex and difficult issues. The ability to have great discussions on the issues of race, gender, or other concerns makes the education experience particularly valuable.

CBL courses taken:
What’s Great about Outdoor Education? w/ CBL, and Bio-Ethics w/CBL

Why did you apply to be a CM?
I applied to be a CM because of how CBL courses have impacted my experience at SLU. Specifically, my last CBL experience got cut off because of the advent of Covid and this cut off inspired me to apply.

Why should every student take a CBL course during their time at SLU?
Every student should take a CBL course because it allows you to get greater context to what you are learning. It also serves to connect you to the community in a way that can be easily overlooked living within the SLU bubble.

As a new CM, I am most looking forward to helping others become more involved in the surrounding community. It is easy to stay within the SLU bubble, but becoming more involved in the community is both incredibly rewarding and enriching on both a personal and academic level.