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Community Engagement Suites


Community Engagement Suites offer students the opportunity to continue their community engagement outside of the classroom. This opportunity allows students to integrate civic responsibility into their residential life. The goal is for students to work in conjunction with a community partner agency to maintain an existing campus-community partnership, whereby they enhance their citizenship and leadership skills and meet specific needs in the community. This is a year-long commitment. The two four-person suites are located in either Hulett or Jencks Hall.

***Please note that if you are planning to study abroad in either the fall or spring semester, you will need to find an alternate student to fill the vacant spot. For a Fall 2018 absence, the alternate student should apply with the group during the regular process and for a Spring 2019 absence, the alternate student should be identified by mid-October.

Requirements/Expectations of Applicants:

  • Maintain a GPA of at least a 2.75.
  • Participate in weekly engagement (up to at least 20 hours per semester) with a community partner agency.
  • Participate in reflection sessions (up to five hours per semester) with CBL faculty/staff.
  • Represent the CBL office at various functions to raise awareness about the CBL Housing opportunity and other CBL related programming (up to five hours per semester).

Important Dates:

Recruitment: Feburaray 12
Application Deadline: February 25
Interviews: March 4
Made Decision: March 11
Decision Notification: March 15

Required Application Documents

CBL Housing Application

Letter of Interest: A brief essay (250 words) that indicates the population you are interested in working with, your previous/relevant experiences, and how you would enhance current programming. Please be sure to provide specific examples. Also, please describe how you will balance your academic and personal commitments to fulfill weekly engagement, reflection sessions, and a presentation at the Festival of SLU in the Community at the end of each semester.

Current (unofficial) Transcript: Students must have a GPA of at least 2.75. If an applicant does not meet this requirement, please indicate the reasoning behind this in the letter of interest and provide a plan for how the GPA will be improved. The transcript can be printed from APR.

Current Resume

Faculty/Staff Recommendation: From a SLU faculty/staff member who can speak to your maturity, leadership potential, and commitment to building community. 

Local Community Agency Recommendation: From a local (Canton and surrounding area) community member who you have worked closely with who can speak to your maturity, leadership potential, and commitment to building community. A recommendation may also be accepted from a community member within a student's hometown.

All documentation should be submitted online.

For more information, please contact the CBL office at or 315-229-5095.

2018-2019 Housing Residents

Bryan Azarian, Class of 2021
Samuel Blank, Class of 2021
Vance Cassell, Class of 2021
Maxwell Warden, Class of 2021

Community Placement Site: St. Lawrence NYSARC