Church and Community Program

Agency and Placement Location: 7 Main Street, Canton, NY 13617 (one mile from campus)

Transportation: Need Own Transportation, this means that CBL did not automatically reserve a SLU vehicle. Therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to access available resources to secure transportation. In these cases, a placement site is either considered within walking/biking distance, or is within five miles of campus. Here are some alternative transportation options to consider: use a personal car that you are an insured driver for, walk, or bike. In some cases, it is possible to reserve a university vehicle; however, a student MUST complete SLU's Driver Certification training in order to utilize this transportation.The CBL office does not endorse the idea of students carpooling in personal vehicles and should only be considered after all other options have been exhausted. Should carpooling be necessary, both the driver and any riders must complete transportation waivers.

Mission: The Church & Community Program (C&CP) was established in 1974 by members of several congregations in a cooperative effort to respond to needs of local residents by utilizing resources of both the Canton area churches and community (website). 


  • Computer project (database and reference list)
  • Hands-on helping with food pantry
  • Recipe project (nutrition education based on products available in pantry/cookbook for pantry families by pantry families)
  • Thrift shop (inspecting and tagging clothes, designing window displays, helping customers)
  • Update volunteer manual
  • Assist with maintaining website (

Agency Requirements:

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Shadow to learn food points system
  • No flip-flops