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Awards and Recognition

Festival of SLU in the Community

Excellence in Community Based Learning Scholarship Award

Jordan Bernier '22
"Jordan developed an interest in food security issues because of her experience with the Church and Community Program in Canton.  Her poster at the FYP Festival of CBL not only covered her experience there, but presented research she had done into the available data on food security within St. Lawrence County.  “Seriousness of Purpose” is one of the qualities St. Lawrence hopes to instill in its graduates… it is clear that Jordan has found something where she can demonstrate that seriousness while helping others in the community. That combination is what makes SLU a special place… students like Jordan who develop a seriousness of purpose coupled with a genuine concern for others…"

Joshua Elmer '20
"Joshua did an excellent job engaging with the inmates at the St. Lawrence [County] Correctional Facility’s game night, his CBL placement for Health Coaches I. He effectively used different communication skills, analyzed their effects on his conversations, built rapport and learned about a particular inmate by suspending judgment and asking open-ended questions.  He thoroughly impressed me with his thoughtful and articulate participation in class discussions, CBL forum posts, and reflective journal assignments."

Tanner Sanderson '19
"During the past two semesters, Tanner spent every week mentoring incarcerated men and women in Life Skills and other BOCES courses. In addition, he educated himself about issues of incarceration through weekly reading assignments. In his journals this year, representing about 80 pages of reflection, he thoughtfully addressed his experiences and his new knowledge about mass incarceration, and reflected upon how the two have informed each other. He has been a model citizen and has embodied the true values of Community Based Learning."

Previous Recipients

Moving Up Day

Excellence in Community Based Learning Scholarship Award 
2018: Lauren Cahalan '21, Paige Kerkhoff '21, Olivia Raynard '19
2017: Katherine Andy '20, Annie Gibbons '17, Elizabeth Girard '17, Cara Griffith '20
2016: Floor Fiers '19, Anna Kowanko '16, Marguerite Wiser '17
2015: N/A
2014: Savannah Crowley '14, Abigail Horan '14
2013: Alex Fredette '14, Mia Thomas '16

Student Leadership and Organization Banquet

Community Mentor Special Recognition Award Recipients
2018: Rose Green '18, Natalie Meagher '20, Samantha Taillon '18
2017: Lexi Joy '19, Ella Nielsen '19
2016: Bubacarr Fofana '18, Katherine Lloyd '17
2015: Prudence Dechene '17, Susannah Gibbons '17, Katherine Lloyd '17
2014: Renee Lavigne '14, Sophie Owen-Jankowski '14, Marissa Traver '14
2013: Katie Kraunelis '15, Elizabeth Bastien '15, Taylor Capuano '14

Stemler Civic Engagement Award Recipients
2017: N/A
2016: Rose Green '18
2015: Catherine Rosen '16
2014: Alie Mihuta '14
2013: Elizabeth Bastien '15, Danielle McBride '14