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Awards and Recognition

Festival of SLU in the Community

Excellence in Community Based Learning Scholarship Award

Talya Scott '23
"Talya Scott put incredible work into building on her CBL experience in designing a sexual health curriculum with the St Lawrence Health Initiative to find connections with our course on health activism. Those connections operated in both directions. She brought what she was learning to class to her CBL, by drawing on our conversations and exercises in-class as well as models which she had encountered in assigned class materials to consider how forms of inclusive dialogue and decentralized decision-making processes could shape that curriculum. In particular she reflected on lessons learned from HIV/Aids activism in the US and South Africa and from women’s health activism in the North Country to consider what kinds of approaches to sexual health would help to center the voices and perspectives of high-school students. In turn, her CBL experience impacted her contributions to our class community and her intellectual reflection on the themes of our class. She shared what she learned from her CBL experience in informal reflective activities and formal presentations to her peers – where she drew attention to the challenges that educators face in bridging social justice commitments with state requirements, for example, and invited her classmates to reflect on their own education in sexual health and questions of consent, autonomy and pleasure."

Community Mentor Special Recognition Award

Jordan Bernier '22
"Jordan did a great job keeping track of students and composing incredibly thoughtful emails to me and them about their placements, commitments, etc. I had a few students with a rocky start to their placements. Jordan was the CM for all of these students' sites and I feel she did an exceptional job communicating with me, the CBL office, and the sites about all of them. For this, I feel Jordan has exemplified the CM program's aims to: "contribute to strengthening and maintaining the relationship between St. Lawrence University and the local community."

Alean Ragan '20
"Alena is great for her outstanding communication and organization as mentor to the students who participated in the Community Based Learning at United Helpers in Canton. Alena dutifully committed to her mentorship in many ways. She was always thoughtful to our needs as well as the needs of the students. Whenever there were policy changes here at United Helpers, Alena set a high priority to communicate all needs to the students and fulfilled our needs. She was always professional and sympathetic to the student's needs. She would also follow up with us to check in that all was going well. It was such a pleasure getting to meet and work with Alena. She certainly will succeed in any endeavor she chooses!"

Previous Recipients

Moving Up Day

Excellence in Community Based Learning Scholarship Award 
2019: Jordan Bernier '22, Joshua Elmer '20, Tanner Sanderson '19
2018: Lauren Cahalan '21, Paige Kerkhoff '21, Olivia Raynard '19
2017: Katherine Andy '20, Annie Gibbons '17, Elizabeth Girard '17, Cara Griffith '20
2016: Floor Fiers '19, Anna Kowanko '16, Marguerite Wiser '17
2015: N/A
2014: Savannah Crowley '14, Abigail Horan '14
2013: Alex Fredette '14, Mia Thomas '16

Student Leadership and Organization Banquet

Community Mentor Special Recognition Award Recipients

2019 N/A
2018: Rose Green '18, Natalie Meagher '20, Samantha Taillon '18
2017: Lexi Joy '19, Ella Nielsen '19
2016: Bubacarr Fofana '18, Katherine Lloyd '17
2015: Prudence Dechene '17, Susannah Gibbons '17, Katherine Lloyd '17
2014: Renee Lavigne '14, Sophie Owen-Jankowski '14, Marissa Traver '14
2013: Katie Kraunelis '15, Elizabeth Bastien '15, Taylor Capuano '14

Stemler Civic Engagement Award Recipients
2017: N/A
2016: Rose Green '18
2015: Catherine Rosen '16
2014: Alie Mihuta '14
2013: Elizabeth Bastien '15, Danielle McBride '14