Community Mentor Reflection: Winsome Toroitich '17
I grew up in a culture that emphasizes a sense of community and praises coexistence among nuclear and extended family. I have always enjoyed engagements that possess an essence of community. Read more.

Student Reflection: Matt Phelan
This semester nine St. Lawrence students participated in a CBL placement with St. Lawrence NYSARC Fitness. St. Lawrence NYSARC Fitness aims to motivate and build relationships with individuals with either intellectual or developmental disabilities while participating in physical exercise. Read more.

Student Reflection: Ina Maloney
This semester I participated in the Potsdam Middle School Mentoring Program as a part of my Leadership and Civic Engagement class. The Mentoring Program partners college students with 5th-8th graders to help them with their homework and participate in activities with them. Read more.

SLU in the Community 2017 Update
The 2016-2017 academic year has been yet another great year of success. The Volunteer Services office has continued to grow and strengthen their programming and fundraising! Read more.