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Summer Semester 2021 Off-Campus Study

Summer Semester 2021 features two complete semesters in Kenya and New York City each worth 4 units of credit. (Deadline to apply for the Kenya Summer Semester or New York City Summer Semester: November 2nd, 2020)

Summer Semester 2021 also features 8 on-campus courses with an overseas short-term travel component, each worth 2 units of credit: Psychology in Australia; Government in Belgium & France; Global Studies, Sociology & History in GhanaGlobal Studies, History, & Peace Studies in Ireland; Government in IsraelPsychology in London; Biology in Colorado, and  Environmental Studies in Switzerland.

The deadline to submit applications is December 14th, 2020.  Accepted students will not need to register for the course with an overseas short-term travel component in APR2 during the Summer Semester Registration period in February. Tuition, room and board are included in the student's comprehensive fees if SUMMER is your second semester of the academic year 2020-2021. Airfare, visas and other additional costs are the responsibility of the student. Additional financial aid may be available to assist with these costs. Contact CIIS for more information.

Deadline to apply for a summer course with travel component: December 14th, 2020.


St. Lawrence University's Summer Semester 2021 also offers Outdoor Leadership courses during summer session I, May 3-June 4. (For more information visit the Outdoor Studies and/or write to Phil Royce.)

Outdoor Leadership, Summer Session I, May 3-June 4

Listing: 1. ODST 3003, Advanced Topics of Outdoor Leadership & Education (Guide Training course) . One unit

           2.  ODST SPTP: Wilderness Medicine. One unit

Units: Two SLU units (7.2 credit hours). Courses Length: 5 weeks

Prerequisites: None, but application required; students must register for both courses

ODST 3003. Advanced Topics of Outdoor Leadership and Education.This intensive, field-based course culminates with a 9 day expedition in the Canadian wilderness during which students apply the leadership and teaching skills learned through lectures and labs during the semester. This is a student-designed and instructor-facilitated experience, in which students develop risk management plans, course itineraries and outdoor education lesson plans specific to a wilderness expedition, and assume direct leadership roles implementing their developed lesson plans. The course is designed for students who will work as outdoor guides and educators in the St. Lawrence University Outdoor Program and other professional organizations.

ODST SPTP: Wilderness Medicine. Students will learn the theory and practice of wilderness medicine. Co-taught by outdoor professionals with years of experience as outdoor leaders, EMT’s and and an ER nurse, this course will be hands-on and students who successfully complete the course will receive professional certification as Wilderness First Responders.

The Sophomore Sustainability Internship Experience is also offered during the Summer Semester of 2021.

The Sophomore Sustainability Internship Experience provides an experiential learning environment where students discover how to live sustainably while developing real world problem solving skills and professional, career-related work experience. Sustainability is inherently interdisciplinary and values diversity. We welcome sophomores from all backgrounds, experience levels, and academic interests.

The two credit internship provides hands-on living-learning as part of one of two five-week blocks at the St. Lawrence University’s organic farm. In addition to the summer Sophomore Sustainability Internship Experience, the site operates a full year Sustainability Program, student and faculty led research, and entrepreneurial opportunities like the student run farm to table campus café.  The internship involves the day-to-day work of an organic farm (i.e. operations, livestock care, planting, cover cropping, weeding, harvesting, preserving), skill-based training workshops to prepare students for a multitude of careers, and  mini-research projects are incorporated. The internship is ideal for students interested in sustainability, environmental science, climate science, biology, ecology, agriculture, soil science, animal science, plant research and horticulture, disease and pest management, food science, food waste, natural resource management, business and economics, community resilience, advocacy, environmental justice, public health, and policy.

With the sustainability internship, students learn by using a systems-based approach. They make connections with professionals and SLU alumni to explore the local food system, including farms, farmers, researchers, and people in industry, government, and NGOs. Students selecting either of the two five-week blocks may, at the time of application, indicate that they would like to live at the farm site for their other study block. Application Deadline: 2 Nov. 2020. For more information visit the Sustainability Program and/or write to Dr. Sara Ashpole

Note: Students accepted to the Sophomore Sustainability Internship Experience may also apply for the full year Sustainability Program Fall 2021/Spring 2022 by the March 1st 2021 deadline.

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