Social Identities | St. Lawrence University Patti McGill Peterson Center for International and Intercultural Studies

Social Identities

Social identities are based on physical, social, and mental characteristics of individuals. Sometimes those characteristics are obvious and clear, sometimes not obvious and unclear. Social identities can be self-claimed and are frequently ascribed by others. At St. Lawrence University students learn about social identities taking classes in different departments/programs as Gender and Sexuality Studies, Sociology, Global Studies, Psychology, Anthropology, and Film and Representation Studies amongst others.
Learn how social identities are considered in these off-campus study locations:

Australia: Indigenous people

Czech Republic: Cultural identity

DenmarkClass, Education, Multiculturalism, Xenophobia

Fisk programAfrican and American Political Science and Psychology

FranceGender Studies, Historical memory, Multiculturalism, National identity

Global Francophone CulturesCross-cultural interaction, Cultural identity

India: Caste, Education, Gender Studies, Gentrification

Italy (Rome/Tuscania)Cultural identity

Japan: Gender Studies

Jordan: Education, Gender Studies, National identity

London: Class, Conflict in Northern Ireland, Gentrification, Imperialism and colonialism, Irish culture and identity

KenyaColonialism, Education, Gender Studies

New ZealandIndigenous people

Spain: Cultural Identity, National identity, Xenophobia

Trinidad: Afro-Caribbean Culture, Carnival, Imperialism and colonialism, Indo-Caribbean Culture, Multiculturalism

Thailand: Imperialism and colonialism