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For Parents

Nearly two-thirds of St. Lawrence students study abroad for a semester or longer, and more than 75 percent study abroad for any period of time.

The large and growing proportion of St. Lawrence students who study off-campus reflects the University’s deep commitment to global education and recognition that this will be ever more essential to the future lives of our current students.

We believe that the ability to learn about and navigate between cultures will be critical to success in every field of endeavor that our students will undertake in the decades ahead. We don’t know precisely what that future will hold, but we believe that the skills of global learning and action will be key to leadership in it, and that our students will be appropriately prepared.

Our programs – both abroad and domestic- provide the opportunity for academic and personal growth. They foster independence, self-confidence and maturity as students learn how to navigate new cultural contexts and to communicate effectively with people whose worldview differs from their own.

Often, parents wonder how to best support and help their student in this process. We encourage you to be available to lend advice and encouragement; however, we believe that it is critically important that you let your student take primary responsibility for planning the off-campus experience.