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Italy LdM

St. Lawrence students have the opportunity to spend the fall or spring semester at the Lorenzo de Medici Institute – The Italian International Institute at the Rome campus.  For more than 40 years Lorenzo de' Medici (LDM) has provided comprehensive education abroad programs rooted in their surrounding environments.  Students can choose from a range of  courses in five academic divisions:  Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Creative Arts, Sciences, Design and Italian Language and Culture.

While on the program, all students are required to take an Italian language course.

  • Based in Rome.
  • Fall or Spring semester.
  • Pre-requisites: Minimum 3.0 GPA required; and one semester of college level Italian.
  • Students must take Italian language.
  • Students live with homestay families.

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Rome with its unparalleled history, is both an ancient and modern world capital. Rome is a city of 2.7 million comprised of small distinctive neighborhoods. LdM Rome is located in an elegant Umbertine palace constructed at the end of the 19th century and is in the center of the historic city. It offers a small “green campus” that actively promotes respect for cultural diversity and the environment according to a specific green policy. This is an important feature of the study abroad experience that LdM Rome puts into practice every day, sharing it with all students. This central location can be easily reached from any part of the city by public transportation. LdM is situated between two metro stops, numerous bus lines, and is less than five minutes away from the central rain station (Termini) that services both airports.

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Rome:  LdM Rome students can choose courses in subjects such as sciences, history and classical civilizations, art and literature, international business, political science, film studies, philosophy and religion, and Italian language. Rome’s economic and political heart focuses largely on the exciting worlds of international relations and business, media and communications, and art and fashion. This gives LdM students the opportunity to experience up close the unique charm of modern lifestyle in a millenary capital city.  Please see the LdM web site for further information on available courses.

The courses offered at LdM vary in the amount of credit. Students must register for a total of 15 credits.

Course credit from LdM programs transfers back to SLU, provided you have received course approval from the department chair of the particular academic department in question. Some courses from LdM have already been pre-approved by St. Lawrence and can be found here. Please keep in mind that these are just the courses that have been preapproved, but students may enroll in other courses as well, and seek approval (as described above) after they have been accepted.

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Rome: The Italian Club provides LdM Rome students with a variety of ways to experience the local culture, make new friends and become an integral part of the city. It promotes many activities such as cultural events, guest lectures and film screenings, football games, city excursions and countryside excursions with the possibility to experience local gourmet products.

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As with many SLU Off-Campus Programs, SLU students are required to live with homestay families. Living with a family, taking part in its daily routines, celebrations, and family discussions gives students a unique and enriching insight into Italian culture that they could not otherwise acquire. In Rome, students will be provided with continental breakfast and evening meals during the week with the host family and will be provided with a meal stipend for lunches and weekend meals.

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Spring 2021: Feb 10 - May 15

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Pre-departure: The CIIS office organizes in depth orientation sessions on-campus prior to the students participation in the program. This includes a program specific session(s) in which the students will learn more about the program, local culture, academic expectations, and any other important information. There is also an orientation session lead by the CIIS office on culture shock, and what to expect, as well as safety and security while abroad.

On site: LdM provides students with an extensive orientation upon arrival.  The orientation sessions are designed to assist the student in adapting to the new environment and include information on a variety of different topics such as: safety, security, immigration (Permit of Stay), student services (clubs, counseling services, etc), academic information, housing, academic fieldtrips and practical everyday life issues, all intended to ensure a positive cultural experience abroad.

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Program Contacts

If you are interested in learning more about the Lorenzo de' Medici program please contact one of the following people.

CIIS OfficeKaren Smith, Director of Off-Campus Programs - Questions about eligibility, program logistics, and other off-campus opportunities.

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Marcella Salvi - Questions about program academics.

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