Intercultural Living-Learning Community:Travel Writing and Literature, Spring 2018

During spring 2018, English and Global Studies 3023: Intercultural Living-Learning Community: Travel Writing and Literature is taught by Professor Natalia Rachel Singer. The class takes place in Richardson 105 on Monday and Wednesday, 10:30 AM to noon and awards 1 credit.

Students come back from abroad with so many stories, and they worry that they'll exhaust the patience of their friends and families by telling them again and again.  

In this class, Intercultural Living-Learning Community: Travel Writing and Literature, your stories from your time off-campus will become texts for us to share and celebrate.  Students also often say that their time abroad "feels like it happened in a dream" because once they are back on campus immersing themselves in college life, reconnecting with friends, and taking new classes, those off-campus experiences begin to feel increasingly remote.  

This class will allow you to continue the learning that began on your off-campus academic program, bring new analysis and understanding to those experiences, and help you re-integrate to campus life intellectually, culturally, and socially.

Class activities include a Sunday feast at Professor Singer's house where you will cook up a special dish that you enjoyed in your host city.  You will write about your home stay experience, your travels during and after the program, and you will craft a blog (which you can start thinking about now while you're away) about how a news event (like the ongoing refugee crisis, Brexit, tumultuous weather connected to climate change, elections there or in the U.S., etc.) has affected and been covered by the media in the community where you are studying.  In addition you will report on an ecological challenge that your host city is confronting.

This course counts for Global Studies, Peace Studies, Arts as well as English writing. There are no prerequisites, but students must apply to be accepted.

The class syllabus and information on keeping a journal can be found here.