Request to travel off-campus | St. Lawrence University Patti McGill Peterson Center for International and Intercultural Studies

Request to travel off-campus

In order to travel safely off-campus , you need to submit your plans in advance. You must login to complete this form (log in at bottom of page)

The group leader must compile a plan to address wearing of personal protective equipment, social distancing measures and road trip concerns such as comfort breaks.

This plan must be submitted using the webform below. Please email Suna Stone-McMasters for training information.

  • Drivers and passengers will be trained on proper social distancing and use of masks for all trips.
  • Masks to each driver will be provided and offered disposable masks for passengers as needed.
  • The number of passengers in each university transport vehicle will be reduced to 3 and the driver. This is limited to one passenger per row in seating and will be staggered seating within each row alternating sides of the vehicle. University vans and certified drivers MUST be used for university sponsored travel and field trips.
  • Each vehicle will be supplied with disinfectant and paper towels to disinfect vehicle surfaces as needed.
  • Drivers are instructed to sign in, collect trip information and then leave the office to wait for their passengers outside, in front of the Safety and Security Office. Upon return, drivers may briefly enter the Safety and Security Office to submit the proper trip documentation. 
  • Drivers will receive the training program regarding proper use of PPE, cleaning and storage. The protocols in place are to follow the Workplace Safety Plan and safety training program.
  • No traveling to areas with higher concentration of COVID-19 cases.
  • See CDC guidelines for using transportation here.