CIIS Housing Application Fall | St. Lawrence University Patti McGill Peterson Center for International and Intercultural Studies

CIIS Housing Application Fall

In fall 2020, a group of St. Lawrence Juniors preparing to study off-campus in spring 2021 will live together in Kirk Douglas residence hall and take a course that will help them to gain as much as possible from their off-campus study experiences. 

See below regarding the learning goals and criteria for selection to the Intercultural Studies Living/Learning Community. Please complete the application that follows before 12:00 Noon Eastern U.S. time on Thursday, April 30, 2020. Any questions may be emailed to

Preference will be given to students willing to share a triple room.

The meeting time of this course will be Mondays 1:00-4:00pm Participating students will need to arrange their schedules around this meeting time.  Students unable to meet at this time will not be eligible to live in the residence hall as part of this living/learning community.

Learning Goals:

The Intercultural Living/Learning Community will bring together students preparing for off-campus study to help them explore what it means to be a global citizen.  A St. Lawrence education includes development of critical intercultural skills necessary to make students ready for responsible membership in the global community. Intercultural learning focuses on understanding cultural differences and similarities; the historical, ecological, political, and economic processes affecting the globe; and the rights and responsibilities of each individual as a global citizen.

In the Intercultural Living/Learning Community, students will:

  • Develop their understanding of the culture in which they intend to study;
  • Consider the challenges of intercultural communication and strategies for dialogue across cultural differences;
  • Reflect upon the ways in which off-campus study can contribute to their intellectual growth through an integration of classroom learning, cultural and linguistic immersion, and engagement with diverse communities through study, work and service;
  • Reflect upon their own position in relation to others in a world of uneven wealth and privilege;
  • Develop awareness of the interconnectedness of human cultures and the natural environment;
  • Cultivate an appreciation of the challenges and rewards of working in intercultural contexts in a broad range of personal and professional situations.

Intercultural Living/Learning Community Overview

The Intercultural Studies Living/Learning community is an opportunity for students to prepare together for their off-campus study and to become better informed and engaged global citizens.  Students will live together in Kirk Douglas residence hall and will meet together each week, completing academic work focused on the learning goals described above.  All participants must be accepted to a spring 2021 St. Lawrence approved off-campus study program.  Any student accepted to the program who does not study off-campus in spring 2021 for any reason would not be able to stay in his/her fall room, but would be required to relocate to alternate campus housing as identified by Student Life.

Criteria for Selection

Space in this program is limited and preference will be given to applicants who best demonstrate: 1. A record of academic excellence; 2. Strong academic interest in intercultural study broadly as well as in a specific off-campus program; and 3. Responsible membership in the SLU community on campus. 4. Willingness to share a triple room. All participants must be preparing to study off-campus in spring 2021 and apply to do so by the February 1st CIIS application deadline.  Any student not participating in off-campus study in the spring of 2021 will not be able to remain in their fall housing during the spring, and will be relocated to alternate campus housing depending on availability.  All applicants must:

  • Be a member of the 2020-2021 Junior class, with graduation expected in May, 2022;
  • Have a clearly articulated interest in a spring, 2021 off-campus program;
  • NOT be on academic or social probation; and
  • Have and maintain a 3.0 or higher overall GPA.