World Topic Series: Hong Kong Protests | St. Lawrence University Patti McGill Peterson Center for International and Intercultural Studies

World Topic Series: Hong Kong Protests

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Panelists include:

  • Zenel Garcia is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Government Department. His research focuses on the intersection of international relations theory, security, and geopolitics. Specifically, how elite understandings of state security and geopolitical environment shape the discursive and empirical processes that lead to regional formation and transformation in Asia.
  • Grace Huang is the Sarah & John D. Munsil Associate Professor of Government and teaches comparative politics with a focus on Asia. She studies political leadership from various perspectives, including how leaders draw on cultural resources to create a compelling story for their followers and how the ability of subordinates to modify a leader’s prevailing conduct weighs against the moral onus of participating in those policies.
  • Abigael Ajuma '21 is an international student from Kenya pursuing a double major in Government and Global Studies with a minor in Chinese.  She had the opportunity to both study and intern in Shanghai and Hangzhou, respectively. She hopes to stay in the United States for OPT/ work and later pursue a master's degree in International Development.
  • Min Wang '21 is a History major with a minor in Art and Art History. Driven by curiosity, she started to explore the reasons behind this unprecedented violence in Hong Kong after reading the media news from mainland China. As the Hong Kong protest is indicative of a long global fight for democracy, she wishes to elaborate on the mainland China perspective and looks forward to hearing all perspectives from peers and professors.

Presented via ZOOM.